Atlas Element TT Achromatic phono cable

Phono cable

Achromatic RCA connectors

RCA or DIN terminations

OCC copper conductor

Ground fork

Made in Scotland

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Manufacturer : ATLAS CABLE

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Atlas Element TT Achromatic Phono Cable: Characteristics

The Atlas Element TT Achromatic phono cable replaces the renowned Atlas Element Integra TT. As indicated by the two "T"s for TurnTable, this cable is dedicated exclusively to phono use.


The Element TT Achromatic phono cable is equipped with Atlas-developed Achromatic RCA plugs for better contact and mechanical stability. These plugs incorporate a complex technology that ensures constant impedance and low resistance.

Notably, the construction is solder-free. The conductors are crimped onto the contacts, ensuring the plugs are entirely non-magnetic and low mass. The optimized shielding protects against radio frequency interference (RFI), reducing the overall noise level of the cable.

These RCA plugs are also self-cleaning. Simply remove and reinsert them to clean the contact areas that may be oxidized.

The conductors are made of 99.999% pure OCC copper and are insulated with PEF (Polyethylene). Shielding is provided by a tightly woven OFC copper braid. Additionally, a grounding cable with gold-plated copper spades is included.

The construction is impeccable. The Atlas Element TT Achromatic is handcrafted in Kilmarnock, Scotland.


This Element TT Achromatic phono cable is one of the most affordable dedicated cables on the market today.

It offers transparent and dynamic reproduction with a beautiful balance. This phono cable enhances body and breadth.

The midrange and highs are transparent and sufficiently detailed without any harshness. The bass is particularly articulate, present without being overwhelming. The tonal balance is a real success.

This Atlas Element TT Achromatic phono cable is an excellent surprise! The manufacturer has managed to improve an already excellent product. It can be considered a reference in its price range. We highly recommend it for mid-range turntables and MM cartridges.

Highly recommended!

Note: Also available in DIN/RCA format with the same qualities.


Architecture: coaxial phono cable

Conductor: OCC

Dielectric: PEF (Polyethylene)

Screen: 90% OFC braid

Capacitance: 63.03 pF/m

Inductance: 0.3735 µH/m

Resistance : 0.1612Ohms/m

Impedance: 77.05 Ohms/m

Diameter: 6.0mm

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Qualité de fabrication au rdv

Je cherchais à mettre à jour le câble phono de ma platine Pro-Ject X2 et choisir une marque qui propose aussi un câble de modulation dans la même gamme. Atlas fait donc aussi le câble de modulation qui me sert depuis le préamplificateur phono vers l'ampli. Ce câble phono est idéal pour les platines milieu de gamme et les cellules MM, ce qui correspond à ma configuration malgré un petit détail, je n'utilise pas la cellule fourni avec la platine X2 mais une cellule Audio Technica VM 750 SH, d'où l'envie de passer à un câble supérieur que celui fourni d'origine. Je me garderai bien de parler du rendu sonore car un rodage de 72 heures est nécessaire pour ce faire. Mais je ne doute pas de sa qualité. Bon achat combiné avec le câble de modulation Atlas Element Achromatic.




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Atlas Element TT Achromatic phono cable

Atlas Element TT Achromatic phono cable

Phono cable

Achromatic RCA connectors

RCA or DIN terminations

OCC copper conductor

Ground fork

Made in Scotland

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