Rega Elex MK4 integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

MM phono input

Optical and coaxial inputs

Headphone output

Remote control

Made in UK

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Manufacturer : REGA

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The Rega ELEX integrated amplifier has been manufactured for 30 years! However, it has undergone many modifications and makeovers during these past few years. As suggested by the MK4 designation, we are today with the 4th generation.

Contrary to most of their competitors, Rega and their mastermind Roy Gandy never succumbed to the temptation of outsourcing production to China. Despite its price, the REGA Elex MK4 amplifier is entirely handmade and hand-assembled in the United Kingdom.


The housing of the cast aluminium Rega Elex MK4 integrated amplifier has rather conventional proportions.

Its new design and manufacture allow the Elex MK4 to take the same approach as the rest of the Rega range. This chassis also allows to improve heat dissipation by using the whole housing as a highly-effective heat sink.

Its black Altuglas front panel is adorned with a red backlit “REGA” logo, a volume potentiometer and a push button which allows to choose one of the five inputs. The selection of the sources and the “Muting” function are also indicated by red LEDs.

There’s also a headphone output in 6.35 mm stereo Jack format. It was set up so that the driver switching goes by the output relay circuit to avoid damaging the signal path and not changing performance when it is not used.


There are 7 RCA connection pairs on the back panel.

The n°1 input is equipped with a phono preamplifier for moving magnet cartridges (MM). Rega is not one of the turntables leading global players for no reason!

This high-performance moving magnet (MM) phono stage was designed by Rega to take advantage of most MM cartridges on the market. The RIAA equalization was split into two steps to minimise the interaction. Only polyester capacitors were used in the signal path and polypropylene capacitors in RIAA equalization circuits. This phono preamplifier was especially taken care of to be able to pair with efficient turntables.

The Elex MK4 four other inputs are for high-level sources like a  CD player, a tuner or a DAC.

The sixth RCA pair allows to retrieve the input signal for a recording or a headphone amplifier.

There's also a preamplifier output allowing to link a power amplifier or an active subwoofer.

The great novelty however regarding the Elex R is the addition of a DAC which explains the presence of a Toslink optical input and a SPDIF coaxial input. It drives a 24 bits/192 kHz Wolson DAC. It’s important to know that the engineers have worked to ensure that the analogue circuits are not at all impacted and wasted by the arrival of the its digital inputs.


The inside of the Rega Elex Mk4 hide a circuit based on Sanken power transistors and an imposing toroidal transformer.

The Elex MK4 integrated amplifier is based on a class A/B power amplifier circuit delivering 72 W of power per channel at 8 ohms, 90 W at 6 ohms and more than 110 W with a pair 4 ohms speakers.

Of course, the Rega Elex MK4 is designed for the use of a single pair of Hi-Fi speakers.


We connected the Rega Saturn MK3 CD player  and a Rega P6 Neo turntable mounted with a Rega Exact phono cartridge to this Rega Elex MK4 amplifier.

On the digital side, we linked the amplifier to the small Octavio Stream network player .

From the first few measures, the Rega Elex MK4 integrated amplifier clearly shows its nature and character! We have here an amplifier which favours musicality, timbres and energy.

The reproduction is clear, bright and has a lot of substance. The bass is very articulated and physical. It makes the speakers easily shake, even the most difficult ones.

It shows in particular a strong capability to get straight to the point… and it’s a necessity. When the track asks for details, it highlights them! When the track asks for dynamism, it stimulates it!

As usual with the manufacturer, the phono preamplifier perfectly meets our expectations. We have here what has made the brand famous for more than 25 years! It favours a rather smooth and vibrant balance! Such a swing compels you to chain the vinyl records one after the other without stopping. 

The Elex MK4 is able to easily drive difficult speakers and perfectly fits in every quality audio system.

The addition of the DAC is a true bonus for all music lovers wishing to easily add a digital source.

The Rega Elex MK4 amplifier is a clever mix of qualities from the Brio R amplifier  and the Elicit MK5 amplifier! Energy, finesse and nuance…

Our personal favourite!


Power under 8 Ohms: 72 W

Power under 6 Ohms: 90 W

Line inputs: 4

Phono input: 1 x MM

Tape record impedance: 47 ohms

Phono input sensitivity: 1.7 mV

Line input sensitivity: 164 mV

Digital inputs: 1 x SPDIF and a Toslink

Input impedance: 600 ohms

DAC: 24 bits/192 kHz

Weight: 11 kg

Dimensions: 432 x 82 x 340 mm

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Parfait !

... Et la musique nous habite...
- C'est ce qu'on pense après une dizaine d'heures d'écoute avec le Rega Elex MK4.
Merci à Franck pour ces échanges par mails que nous avons eus sur le modèle d'ampli à associer aux enceintes Sonus faber Lumina II. De base, j'avais son petit frère, alors je suis resté dans la marque anglaise Rega, et c'est bien simple on entend tout des albums qui passent par mes sources (vinyles, cd et K7). Entre ma commande et la réception du colis, il s'est passé environ 60 heures. Depuis : "Que du bonheur" !!!


Ampli Rega Élec MK4

Lorsque j'ai commandé cet ampli il n'était pas encore disponible. Mais dès disponibilité l'envoi à été immédiat et très rapide. De ce fait je suis un des tous premiers à posséder ce nouveau modèle. Il fonctionne avec des enceintes Focal Mégane, une platine vinyle Thorens TD 166 MK 2 cellule Grado, un lecteur CD Marantz PM6007 et un streameur Octavio. Il vient en remplacement d'un ampli NAD 3020, puis d'un Marantz PM6007. Le son est superbe très analogique, très précis, avec des timbres parfaitement respectés et chaque instrument ou interprète se détache parfaitement. On a l'impression d'être devant les musiciens. Pour les vinyles le son est vraiment fabuleux. Quel rendu. Bref, aucune critique, il n'y a qu'à écouter la musique sans se poser de questions.


Elex R achat 1/2/23

Un avis pour le dernier Elex R de MaPlatine. Materiel d'écoute : lecteur CD Marantz 6044 et Rotel RCD 06. Platine vinyle Audiotechnica AT-LP 140 XP et Technics 1210 MK2. Tuner Nad 414. Enceintes Cabasse Iroise 500. Après 2 semaines d'écoute je peux dire que parmi tous les amplis qui sont passés dans mes mains, celui-ci mérite un bon 5 étoiles. Opéras, Oratorios, Symphonies, Quatuors, Piano, tout est remarquable, le son est clair, chaud, les voix sont d'une pureté éblouissante. Ce qui ne gâte rien, on monte le volume, la puissance un bien là. Bref, je recommande cet ampli sans réserve. Un grand bravo à MaPlatine, commande livrée rapidement, emballage parfait. Rega fidèle à sa réputation. Philippe des Yvelines

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Rega Elex MK4 integrated amplifier

Rega Elex MK4 integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier

MM phono input

Optical and coaxial inputs

Headphone output

Remote control

Made in UK

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