Grado RS1x Hi-FI headphones

Open-back dynamic Hi-Fi headphones

50 mm membrane

Sandwich housing (maple, hemp and cocobolo wood)

12Hz - 30,000Hz

Made in USA

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Manufacturer : GRADO

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The Grado RS1x Hi-Fi headphones use all the elements which made the reputation of both the range and the New York brand Grado. This RS1x new version is the evolution of the famous RS1e, making it this model’s 4th generation.


The new black leather headband featuring a white-stitched accent gives it an offbeat aspect.
The housings are for the first time made from three different wood species. They consist of a maple sleeve, hemp core and cocobolo outer ring.

For decades, Grado has been using wood for its warm and embracing tonal abilities. On the RS1x however, optimisation was focused on balance between the three different woods. Maple takes care of most of the work, hemp smooths out top and low ends, while cocobolo adds that extra punch. The set provides outstanding rigidity without producing any parasitic vibration and therefore no mechanical distortion.

For those put off by the lack of comfort from previous Grado headphones, you must know that this RS1x is very light and comfortable.
Manufacturing quality is remarkable; true craftsmanship in the best sense of the term. Assembling is entirely handmade in the historical production facility of Brooklyn.


The new 50 mm X Drivers have stunning performance with a 12Hz - 30kHz bandwidth! The drivers have undergone drastic sorting and matching (0.05 dB) in keeping with studio pro standard. This new driver features a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with decreased effective mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm. This allowed to improve efficiency (99.8 dB!) while preserving the signal’s harmonic integrity and reducing distortion.

Along with the drivers, the cables and the headband have been redesigned for the RS1x. The drivers’ coil wiring and connection cable use very high-purity annealed copper conductors. The connection cable is composed of 8 different conductors.


It’s important to know that similarly to all dynamic headphones, the RS1x requires around 50 hours of run-in before the reproduction is perfectly consistent.

It’s not necessary to pair it with a preamplifier, but a quality amplifier will allow you to take advantage of its full potential.

These headphones have very rock dynamics which will bring happiness to acoustic and electric guitar lovers. Drums and percussion are perfectly reproduced with rare precision. Mid-range is clear and favours a beautiful presence and superb timbre.

The low end of the spectrum is remarkably realistic and wide. The soundstage is just as outstanding at low volumes.
These Grado RS1x Hi-Fi headphones have been manufactured for more than 15 years and been Grado’s top of the range for a long time. Today, these are legends and the reference for every single fan of the brand.

One of the most musical and vibrant dynamic headphones out there… a sound investment!

Our favourite!


Type: dynamic

Operating principle: Open-back

Bandwidth: 12Hz - 30kHz

SPL 1mW: 99.8 dB

Impedance: 32 ohms

R/L balance: 0.05 dB

Membranes: 50 mm

Housing: maple, hemp and cocobolo wood

Coils: UHPLC copper (High Purity Long Crystal)

Cables: 8 UHPLC cables (High Purity Long Crystal)

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Grado RS1x Hi-FI headphones

Grado RS1x Hi-FI headphones

Open-back dynamic Hi-Fi headphones

50 mm membrane

Sandwich housing (maple, hemp and cocobolo wood)

12Hz - 30,000Hz

Made in USA

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