VPI PRIME SCOUT manual turntable

Manual turntable
9 inch uni-pivot tonearm
Cartridge not included
Cable not included
Made in USA

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This new VPI Prime Scout turntable is none other than the definitive replacement of the VPI Scout 1.1. The VPI Prime Scout has the same mechanical parts as its predecessor as well as motor and tonearm. However, these have a few modifications.

The gigantic motor on this new VPI Prime Scout is contained in a cylinder casing made out of steel. It is separated from the base of the turntable and is only connected to it by the belt. This enables to limit the vibrations transmitted to the chassis, and therefore to the tonearm and phono cartridge.

The 9 inch tonearm is a simplified version of the “VPI 9T” uni-pivot. It is wired in OFC copper of high purity. There is also the 3.5 cm thick platter of the VPI Scout 1.3. It combines aluminium and stainless steel. This gives the turntable a consequent mass and an excellent inertia. The platter rotates on an oil bath bearing that is dear to the American manufacturer VPI. It is silent and very “fluid”. The base is made out of a 3.5 cm thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) covered with a satin black paint and reinforced by a steel plate. It is in reality the same chassis as the Scout 1.1. However, it was designed and “carved” to have the same shape as the VPI Prime turntable. It does not rest on aluminium cones, but instead on four insulation feet decoupled with shock absorbing mounts. The turntable weighs 14 kg. In other words it is 1 kg lighter than the previous version. This can be explained due to the shape of the plinth as less material is used. However, this vinyl record player is perfectly inert to vibrations. There are also RCA outputs which enable you to use of a phono cable of your choice which you will have to connect to your cartridge.

This VPI Prime Scout turntable is very easy to set-up. Of course, setting-up a uni-pivot tonearm requires expertise and tools to adjust it with precision. They are the most difficult tonearms to set up, especially for a novice! However, we deliver this tonearm perfectly set-up, so there is no need for you to stress!

We deiced to combine this VPI Prime Scout turntable with a Benz Micro ACE SL cartridge and an Ortofon Quintet Black S cartridge. We obtained excellent results with these two MC cartridges. However, regarding the timbre and nuance we preferred the Benz Micro. We can find the dynamics and transparency which are typical features of VPI turntables. It is difficult to differentiate this Prime SCOUT from the VPI Scout 1.2.  I believe that this VPI Prime Scout is more of a “re-styling” than a true evolution of the range Scout. Nevertheless, it is an excellent turntable with qualities that are known for these products. The bass has depth, is perfectly articulated and controlled. On the brass, strings, and voices, there is a fluidity and nuance that is unique to uni-pivot tonearms. This turntable also gives great results with moving magnet (MM) cartridges such as the Ortofon 2M Black.

This new VPI Prime Scout turntable will satisfy amateur music lovers of physical and dynamic sensations. It is perfectly adapted for lively and present day music. It clearly favours dynamics, the presence, and “physical” aspect of the track. Of course, it also knows how to be nuanced and subtle when it is necessary… 


Principle: rigid turntable

Plinth: MDR + steel

Speeds: 33 RPM and 45 RPM

Speed change: manual

Motor: detached

Platter: 3.5 cm aluminium

Bearing: oil bath

Motor: 300 RPM AC synchronous

Wow and flutter: 0.08% WRMS

Speed precision: 0.08%

Rumble: > 78 dB down

Tonearm: 9 inch uni-pivot

From the pivot to the cartridge: 223 mm

Total tonearm length: 240.7 mm

Effective mass: 10.2 g

Dimensions: 480 x 380 x 200 mm

Weight: 14 kg

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VPI PRIME SCOUT manual turntable

VPI PRIME SCOUT manual turntable

Manual turntable
9 inch uni-pivot tonearm
Cartridge not included
Cable not included
Made in USA

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