VPI PRIME manual turntable

Rigid manual turntable

Separate motor

10" tonearm

Comes without a cartridge


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Manufacturer : VPI

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With this new product, the US manufacturer returns to its roots! VPI's PRIME manual turntable bridges the Scout and Classic ranges with a few technical and musical features shared by both turntables, and a number of innovations. It is also Matthew Weisfeld's first development.

The turntable uses the Scout's textured MDF base with a star-shaped design (X) reminiscent of the famous HR-X. It sits firmly on four Delrin cones. They are separate from the base via large cups made out of the same material. A larger cutout on the left makes room for the motor. It is the most precise on the market to date (+/- 0.001%). To ward off any vibration or oscillation, it is encompassed in a 4 kg steel case! It drives the 8.5 kg aluminium platter via the silicone belt typical of Classic models. The platter features internal damping to eliminate resonance. It is associated with a relatively thick rubber platter mat. The novelty of this VPI PRIME turntable resides in the tonearm. We are still looking at a 10" Unipivot, except that this one is in aluminium! It stems from 3D technology like that of the mighty Classic Direct. It is associated with the VTA adjustment with a micrometric screw for accurate stylus tracking angle adjustment. The Delrin record clamp comes with the turntable but can be replaced with the VPI HR-X Clamp. However, as always with VPI, the phono cable is optional … Like all VPI products, the PRIME turntable is entirely made in the USA!

We tried this newcomer with Ortofon's Quintet Black MC cartridge, Dynavector DV XX2 and Soundsmith's Boheme HO.

From the opening bars you can tell that this fine machine is bursting with potential! The sonic performance is vibrant, punchy and textured on the most expressive sections. The bass is powerful, articulated and very detailed. The soundstage is very stable and the stereo is very convincing. The vocals are perfectly in place and very realistic. The overall balance is great and favours neutrality and authenticity. The PRIME turntable does justice to every register and shows no over-brightness. The technological choices and design produce amazing results. It boasts many assets that are akin to some turntables worth twice or three times the price!

Yet another top product for VPI! Highly recommended!



WHAT HI-FI (Temptation award 2015)


Principle: Rigid turntable

Plinth: Textured MDF with resonance control

Corners: Delrin

Platter: Aluminium 6061, 9 kg with damping

Bearing: Inverted with oil bath. Phosphor bronze

Motor: Synchronous 300 RPM/24 pin. Separated in aluminium and stainless steel unit

Platter mat: Rubber

Feet: 4 x Delrin adjustable anti-resonance spikes and counterspikes

Clamp: Delrin and stainless steel

Rumble: 85 dB

Speed precision: <0.1%

Fluctuation: 0.02%

Weight: 20 kg


Tonearm: 10-inch Unipivot

Design and manufacture: 3D

Shielding: Copper foil

Effective length: 273.4 mm

Setting: VTA on tonearm support

Wiring: Premium copper  

RMS distortion: 0.311 %

Banc d'essai - WHAT HI FI

0.62 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Vumètre

6.55 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - AnalogPlanet

0.41 Mo - pdf



What Hi-Fi ?

Temptation award - 2015
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VPI PRIME manual turntable

VPI PRIME manual turntable

Rigid manual turntable

Separate motor

10" tonearm

Comes without a cartridge


The maPlatine.com bonus: all turntables are set up and tested before shipping 


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