Atlas EOS power cable

Power cable
IEC connector
Schuko plug
2mm² conductors
Made in Scotland

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The Atlas EOS power cable is replaced by the Atlas EOS DD power cable.

It is important to recognize that the infatuation and the increase in offer of Hi-Fi power cables is narrowly linked to the increase in electromagnetic and radio frequency pollution on audio components. Among them are WiFi, Bluetooth, wireless phones, 3G and 4G, PLC, low voltage lightbulbs, voltage converters…

The Atlas EOS power cable is the affordable solution of the Scottish brand against diverse interferences that take away from the musicality and transparency of your Hi-Fi system.

The Atlas EOS power cable is equipped with very pure copper OFC 2mm² conductors. Atlas made sure to have the lowest possible series resistance with a very efficient shielding made up of a copper braid and a layer of Mylar. Atlas guarantees the elimination of all radio frequency waves, dumping these to earth. The insulating part has also been carefully cleaned in order to minimize skin effects and coloration. The dielectric is only made up of PTFE. The Atlas EOS power cable is equipped with ATLAS EOS PLUG IEC and Shuko connectors. They are of excellent quality and ensure an irreproachable contact.

This Atlas EOS power cable, due to its technical characteristics and its range is advised for sources, preamps and amps of entry level and midrange. For sources that require more power, we recommend the Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable.

When listening to music, the Atlas EOS power cable keeps its promises. The restitution is immediately more refined and seems to gain in dynamics and clarity. The timbre and personality of the device do not seem to be affected and that is all the better!

An excellent quality/price ratio. Highly recommended!


Connectors: Atlas EOS Shuko and IEC
Conductors: OFC (oxygen free copper)
Section: 2mm²
Type: multi strand triple conductors + shielding
Dielectric: PTFE (Teflon)
Shielding: Braid + Mylar
Capacitance: 82.80 Pf/m
Inductance: 0,57 µH/m
Resistance: 0,0087 Ohm/m
Outside diameter: 9mm
Dielectric strength: 1000V  
Maximum current: 20A

Banc d'essai - Hifi Pig

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Atlas EOS power cable

Atlas EOS power cable

Power cable
IEC connector
Schuko plug
2mm² conductors
Made in Scotland

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