Atlas EOS DD power cable

Shielded power cable

Double Drain technology

IEC (10A) and Atlas Shuko EOS plugs

Section 2mm²

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Manufacturer : ATLAS CABLE

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We must admit that the popularity and increasing supply of Hi-Fi power cables is closely linked to the growing increase in electromagnetic and radio frequency pollution on the audio links. These include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile phones, 3 and 4G mobiles, PLC boxes, low-voltage light bulbs, dimmers...

The new Atlas EOS DD power cable is the democratic response of the Scottish manufacturer Atlas against various disturbances that affect the musicality and transparency of your Hi-Fi system.


The Atlas EOS DD cable uses high purity copper conductors with very low resistance and oxygen-free (OFC). They are inserted in a high-strength PVC dielectric.

The 2 mm² DD (Double Drain) conductors are surrounded by an anti-vibration layer and a carbon-filled hybrid polymer screen. This provides a very effective barrier against RFI/MFI pollution. The whole unit is then wrapped in a pretty "royal blue" PVC sleeve.

Here, the "DD" technology is simplified compared to the manufacturer's high-end cables. However, this power cable keeps the advantages of a low and constant impedance and a 360 ° total shield against noise and signal loss due to Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

Atlas EOS PLUG IEC and Shuko connectors are of excellent quality and offer excellent electrical and mechanical contact.


This EOS DD power cable by Atlas, with its technical data and range, is recommended for sources, preamps and input and mid-range amplifiers.

For slightly power-hungry power units, we recommend the Atlas EOS 4.0 DD power cable.


When listening, this Atlas cable keeps its promises. The restitution is immediately more defined and also seems to gain in dynamics and readability. The timbre and personality of the device do not seem affected, on the contrary, they are refined.

There is also a very low noise level, making details and end notes much more obvious.

The lower end of the spectrum also looks more controlled and sharper.

This Atlas EOS DD power cable is an excellent investment with an exceptional quality/price ratio! Recommended!


Hi-Fi Choice - Recommended - 2019


Connectors: IEC (10A) and Atlas Shuko EOS

Conductors: OFC deoxygenated copper

Section: 2mm²

Type: triple multi-wire conductors + shielding

Dielectric: PTFE (Teflon)

Shielding: braid + Mylar

Capacitance: 82.8 Pf/meter

Inductance: 0.57 µH/meter

Resistance: 0.0087 Ohm/meter

Outside diameter: 9mm

Dielectric breakdown voltage: 1000V Max.

Current: 20A

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

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Hi-Fi Choice

Recommended - 2019
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Atlas EOS DD power cable

Atlas EOS DD power cable

Shielded power cable

Double Drain technology

IEC (10A) and Atlas Shuko EOS plugs

Section 2mm²

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