Audio Technica LP5 Turntable

Direct drive Hi-Fi turntable
“S” shaped tonearm
33 RPM and 45 RPM
AT 95ex cartridge

Dustcover included

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The Audio Technica LP5 turntable is replaced by the Audio Technica AT-LP5X turntable.

This new Audio Technica LP5 Turntable is somewhat different from what we are used to offer. Indeed, it includes several components of the Japanese manufacturer’s professional and DJ turntables. However, the whole was adapted and optimized in order for this turntable to offer performances worthy of a living room turntable.

AudioTechnica LP5 - Turntable

Audio Technica LP5: Design

Its design is particularly pleasant. It combines the massive aspect of certain famous turntables such as the Technics SL1200 (not to name it!) and the elegance of the European living room turntables. Its matt black finish also contributes to giving it a contemporary design.

The black finish of this AudioTechnica vinyl turntable perfectly fits with the line of the AT-LP5 tonearm.

Audio Technica LP5: Tonearm and cartridge

The “S” shaped tonearm of this LP5 vinyl turntable was designed to minimize tracking error. It is inspired from Audio Technica models manufactured in the 60’s and 70’s.

This tonearm is originally equipped with an Audio Technica AT 95 Ex cartridge. This cartridge was specifically designed for this vinyl record player. It seems that it is a sorted model using the motors of the AT-100.

AudioTechnica LP5 - phono cartridge

The phono cartridge of the LP5 vinyl record player is mounted on an excellent black aluminium molded head shell. It is extremely rigid and light (10g).

Audio Technica LP5: Platter and drive

The drive principle is the same as on professional turntables.

The platter rotates thanks to a DC motor! Therefore, there is no turntable belt and you can play your 33 RPM and 45 RPM records.

The molded aluminium platter is absorbed by a thick rubber mat of excellent manufacturing.

Audio Technica LP5: Integrated phono stage

The Audio Technica AT LP-5 integrates a RIAA phono preamplifier with a USB output. Thanks to this integrated phono stage, you can connect the LP5 turntable to a high level input of an amplifier, and digitize your vinyl records on your computer.

It comes with a CD in order install the software Audacity ®.

AudioTechnica LP5 - integrated pono stage

It is possible to disconnect this integrated preamplifier thanks to a switch. Instead, you can use your Audio Technica AT LP-5 on a traditional phono input.

Audio Technica LP5: Accessories

The chassis of the AudioTechnica LP5 turntable is rigid.  It rests on four damping feet that limit unwanted resonance in the bass.

This package includes: a power cable, a phono cable, a USB cable, an Audio Technica LP5 DT dustcover, and a superb aluminium 45 RPM adapter!

Audio Technica LP5: Listening and test review

Once you take the AudioTechnica LP5 turntable out of its packaging and place it on your cabinet… this turntable is worth your money!!!

It is impressive and plain at the same time. This product delivers a sensation of robustness. It is indeed part of the family of professional products. The former DJ or fan of nightclubs will be satisfied.

This Audio Technica LP5 reproduces music with lots of dynamics and energy.

The bandwidth is very large. The bass is particularly demonstrative, and it will impress you on reggae, electronic music, and all current music.

If you are an enthusiast of jazz and classical music, it is possible that this Audio Technica LP5 vinyl turntable does not satisfy your needs in terms of finesse and nuance. However, by upgrading the head shell and mounting a higher end MM cartridge, we obtained surprising results! It is important to take into account that the phono cable can also be upgraded.

For anyone that is looking for an efficient, robust, integrated preamplifier turntable, that delivers a dynamic and physical restitution, this Audio Technica LP5 vinyl record player is the ideal product!


On Top Audio 2015


Principle: Rigid vibration damping turntable
Drive principle: Direct
Motor: DC
Speed: 33 rpm & 45 rpm
Platter: Moulded aluminium
Platter dimensions: 294 x 5mm
Platter weight: 370 g
Wow & Flutter: 0.2%
Signal-to-noise ratio: >50 dB
RIAA preamp: On/Off
Phono preamp gain: 36 dB
Analogue output: RCA + Ground
Digital output: USB
USB resolution: 16 Bits/ 44.1, 48 Khz
Format: USB-2 compatible IOS, Windows
Tonearm: 247 mm, 'J-shaped'
Tracking force: 0.1-5 g
Permissible cartridge + headshell weight: 15-20 g
Headshell: AT-HS 10/10g
Cartridge: AT 95 eX
Dimensions: 450 x 157 x 352 mm
Weight: 7.5 kg
Cables: Phono with ground, mains cable, USB cable
Single adaptor: 45 rpm, aluminium
Protractor: Audio Technica Protractor
Software: Audacity version CD
Finish: Matt black
Dust cover: featuring an Audio Technica AT-LP5DT dustcover

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Audio Technica LP5 Turntable

Audio Technica LP5 Turntable

Direct drive Hi-Fi turntable
“S” shaped tonearm
33 RPM and 45 RPM
AT 95ex cartridge

Dustcover included

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