Audio Technica AT F7 MC cartridge

Moving coil cartridge

Low output MC

Elliptical stylus

Made in Japan

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Audio Technica has been designing and making moving coil cartridges for over half a century! Though this AT-F7 is the entry-level model, it incorporates the manufacturer's expertise!

Audio Technica AT F7: Body

The AT-F7 is a great step-up to the famous AT-F3. It features its aluminium and resin body.

The coils have been improved and doubled to minimise crosstalk. They are combined with very powerful neodymium magnets.

Audio Technica AT F7 - Cartridge

Audio Technica AT F7: Needle

But the real change on this AudioTechnica cartridge, lies in the use of a nude elliptical stylus fully integral to the aluminium cantilever.

The elliptical stylus features two radii. The top radius is in the centre of the groove and the lower radius tracks higher frequencies more precisely.

The suspension is designed with a 0.07 mm stainless steel wire. It serves as a fulcrum point for audio signal mechanical transfer. It also stabilises the Audio Technica AT-F7 stylus' fulcrum point position, which leads to a better lateral positioning and improved expression of midrange and high frequencies.

Audio Technica AT F7 - Needle

Audio Technica AT F7: Listening and test review

Reproduction is impressive for a cartridge within this price range.

The balance is very 'analogue' in the positive sense of the word, without any form of darkness or dullness.

The Audio-Technica AT-F7 phono cartridge delivers an amazingly clear sound and great transparency. The soundstage is precise, even with complex classical pieces.

The dynamics are great and even top those of a MM cartridge within this price range.

If you own a phono preamplifier compatible with MC cartridges and your tonearm is good (with an average weight), then Audio-Technica's AT-F7 is definitely one of the best options.

It is one of the most affordable moving coil cartridges (along with Ortofon's Quintet Red) currently on the market.

At this price, we heartily recommend it!


Type: Low output MC

Body: Aluminium/synthetic resin

Frequency response: 15 Hz-50 kHz

Channel separation: 27 dB

Channel balance: 1.5 dB

Output voltage: 0.35 mV

VTA: 23°

Tracking force: 1.8/2.2g

Recommended tracking force: 2.0g

Stylus: Nude Elliptical

Tip shape: 5 x 17.8 mm

Assembly: Integral, square section

Cantilever: Alloy

Compliance: 9 x 10-6cm/dyne

Coils: PCOCC conductor

Connectors: Copper

Load impedance: 100 Ohms

Load impedance: 12 ohms

Coil inductance: 25 µH

Cartridge weight: 5. g

Compliance: ½ inch screw

Height: 17.3 mm

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Très bon

Très bonne cellule pour un prix raisonnable en rapport avec un matériel haut de gamme

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Audio Technica AT F7 MC cartridge

Audio Technica AT F7 MC cartridge

Moving coil cartridge

Low output MC

Elliptical stylus

Made in Japan

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