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2013 Customer reviews

You are looking to buy Hi-Fi equipment, but don't know which product to opt for? has compiled customer reviews of turntables, Hi-Fi cartridges, preamplifiers and accessories to give you more insight into the various products available. Please feel free to leave your own review of new products. Enjoy the read!



Pro-Ject Essential turntable

Pro-Ject Elemental turntable

'The sound quality is quite something! I also love the sober design and it's so easy to use! It's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your advice and your time. '


Pro-Ject Essential USB turntable

'Very easy to use and the results are quite surprising for the price! Thank you '

Pro-Ject Essential USB turntable

Pro-Ject Debut III turntable

Pro-Ject Debut III turntable

'When combined with a Cambridge Audio 340 amp, a Cambridge 540P preamp and Kef speakers, my records sound amazing with this turntable! (former turntable was a Continental Edison ). There's less hiss and crackling, I'm rediscovering my records. Just wonderful for the price. '

'Fabulous, I'm rediscovering all my records! My old plastic Thorens just went straight into the bin. Just unbelievable for the price! Thank you'


REGA RP1 turntable

'It has a very understated and stylish design. The sound is superb. It's a REGA all right! I took the site's advice and bought thePerformance Pack! The result is pure magic. Thanks for all your advice! '

REGA RP1 performance pack


Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Genie turntable

Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 Genie turntable

'Great product, ready-to-use, fantastic musicality! Thanks for the advice! '


Pro-Ject Anniversary turntable

Pro-Ject Anniversary turntable

'I just love this turntable! It has a very sober design and is so easy to use! The sound is fabulous, I'm loving playing my records again! Thanks for the advice. '

PRODUCT DISCONTINUED! Browse our site for other Pro-Ject turntables...


Pro-Ject Debut Esprit Carbon turntable

'I'm really glad I bought it! It's such an improvement compared with my previous turntable. Great advice on the website (installation, setup, etc.). Many thanks to for your time and professionalism. '

'It's a beautiful turntable with a wonderful finish. Explanations and advice are spot on. First-class delivery (shipment and packaging) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. '

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit turntable


Pro-Ject ART-1 turntable

Pro-Ject ART-1 turntable

'Amazing turntable with a modern design! It is superb on all accounts... The sound is incredible! 100% satisfied'


Pro-Ject 2-Xperience Classic

'Last summer, I decided to indulge myself. My love of music and records prompted me to get a new turntable. I followed the advice of Franck, the website's co-founder, and went for this turntable and I'm really glad I did... In terms of design, the finish (I opted for ochre) is just phenomenal. As for the sound, the difference compared with my old Pro-Ject turntable is truly amazing and it's money well spent. It also allows me to use my amp (Arcam AVR 300) to its full capacity. In a word, look no further. '

Pro-Ject Xprience Turntable

Clearaudio Concept pack MM turntable

Clearaudio concept pack mm turntable

'Great turntable! The sound is wonderful! Thanks for all the advice! '


Pro-Ject RPM 9.1 turntable

'This turntable is superb, both in terms of design and its outstanding efficiency for playing our LPs. I highly recommend it. I followed the advice of the website and mounted an Ortofon Vivo Red cartridge and a speed box and I also got comprehensive, step-by-step advice from the website on how to set up my cartridge. Thanks a lot! '

Pro-Ject RPM 9.1 turntable


Pro-Ject RPM 10.1 Evolution turntable

Pro-Ject RPM 10.1 Evolution turntable

'It is a beautiful, wonderfully crafted object. As advised by, I combined it with an Ortofon Rondo Blue cartridge. The result is beyond my expectations! I'll never go back to CDs again! Nb: adding a Speed Box SE has an amazing result, a greater dynamic range and more transparency ... THANKS! Again! '


VPI Classic 1 turntable

'The ULTIMATE source. After all those years spent with an iconic and demanding old British lady, the arrival of this American beauty was a bit of a shock to my system. In terms of design, it's a beautiful turntable. It's so beautifully crafted... The fact that there's no dust cover is a bit unsettling at first but you get to see the beautiful unipivot tonearm. I happen to live close to so Franck, the manager, came round and set up my turntable for me beautifully. They're competent, helpful and kind. It doesn't get any better. Now it's time for music! The first thing that strikes you is the smoothness of the dynamic range and the absence of surface noise and the amazing tight and deep bass. Well, it's just a great product. I'm just going to get my records out and listen to my collection again. '

VPI Classic 1 turntable



Ortofon OM5E Hi-Fi cartridge

Ortofon OM5E Hi-Fi cartridge

'Ideal for my Garrard DDQ650 turntable and to make my daughter rediscover records without compromising on sound quality! '


Ortofon 2M Red Hi-Fi cartridge

'This cartridge comes with the Pro-Ject 2XPERIENCE turntable (refer to the review on the website) that I bought a few months ago. So I don't really have anything to compare it with. Anyway... What a sound! Pure bliss! '

Ortofon 2M Red Hi-Fi cartridge


REGA BIAS 2 Hi-Fi cartridge

Rega Bias 2 phono cartridge

'A typically British sound, very neutral. Could do with a bit more punch'


REGA ELYS 2 Hi-Fi cartridge

'Bought for my Rega RP3. It's just pure bliss. In addition, delivers a top quality service (advice, communication and product selection) I can only recommend this website. Manu'

Rega Elys 2 phono cartridge


Ortofon MC Vivo Red Hi-Fi cartridge

Ortofon Vivo red MC phono cartridge

'It does the job perfectly! The sound it delivers is delicate and precise. It's pure bliss. '

'As far as I know, it's Ortofon's cheapest MC, but the sound it delivers is amazing! The sound is precise, the bass is tight, the vocals are beautiful. I'm really glad I bought it. It's a first in the world of moving coils for me. Thanks for your advice and professionalism. '

'I'm new to the record world...I only have a used Pro-Ject 2-Xperience 2 Acryl that came with a Grado MM Gold. I was really disappointed with the result on my stereo after this investment. After talking to Franck about my system (CD THDG, High Output), he advised me to change over to Ortofon, and MC (and also a Sutherland ph3d preamp). It took me a while to get to grips with this cartridge. Break-in? (for my ears?) It has a less 'vinyl' sound (I mean vintage) than the Grado, and it's very close to my expectations (habits): the music sounds more open, a subjectively flat frequency response, depth, a beautiful bass! And above all, it's got the dynamic range I was looking for... It blew my mind! Thank you. WM. '


Dynavector DV 10X5 Hi-Fi cartridge

'I just received the 10x5 mounted onto my Rega P3/24. I switched from a Rega Elys 2 cartridge to a Dynavector 10x5 cartridge because I wanted to change. I followed maplatine's recommendations, because I was rather pro REGA (I wanted an Exact). Well, I have to say that I'm delighted with the purchase. The sound is already way better than what I expected (and it's not even broken in yet!). In terms of sound, the major asset is a huge dynamic range and everything's where it should be. It's far superior to my Elys 2 (for information, it was still OK). What could I say about Maplatine? They're just perfect. They're extremely professional. Given the number of times I spoke to them over the phone. Well done for everything! Thanks a lot! I'll say it a thousand times. '

Dynavector DV10x5 cartridge

Preamps and speed controllers

Pro-Ject phono box II preamplifier

Pro-Jecy Phono Box II phono preamplifier

'I bought this phono preamp with my ARCAM AVR 300 amp, which didn't have a phono output (like most video audio amps). The result is excellent (especially for the price ...) (the value for money is unbeatable). However, I sometimes wonder if I wouldn't have done better aiming a bit higher to get the most out of my amp. But the great advantage when you have good quality is that you can upgrade... (Cables, cartridge, etc.) '


Speed Box II speed controller

'I'm no specialist and have no idea why the motor gives my turntable a better sound when it spins truer!?! But I have to admit that everything is better and I get the impression that the sound is clearer and that the tempo is faster!? A perfect upgrade from my Debut Esprit! Thanks for the advice. '

'Just like the person who left a review for this product, I don't have a technical mind at all so I can't explain the following ... I bought this Speed Box on Franck's recommendation (he's one of the website's managers). He was adamant that I should add it to my 2-Xperience turntable. The result is more than satisfactory. The sound is just better, although at first I thought that a speed box was just some kind of 'gizmo' that you use to switch from 45 rpm to 33 rpm. There's actually a lot more to it... Thanks for the advice. '

'As recommended by Franck, I tried this unit with my Project X-perience 2 Acryl. I was pleasantly surprised. You immediately tell the difference. My wife, who wasn't listening to the Hi-Fi system, came up to me, asking what I'd changed: the sound is more sensual. The midbass is more personified, the sax conveys more emotions and the double bass is more powerful. Of course, I'm over-exaggerating for explanation purposes, but the effect is real. Also, the object itself is well designed, discreet and requires no extra power supply (it's a bridge between the transformer and the turntable) and finally, this 33/45 changeover switch eliminates the hassle of having to change the spindle on the Pro-Ject (we stopped listening to our 45 rpm LPs because of this). At this price, it's essential, imho. WM'

'I have just been trying with and without the Speed Box II on a Pro-Ject 2Xperience Classic. The result is simply amazing with piano. The sound is a lot clearer, the bass is deeper and the stereo image is better defined. The improvement is clear on all fronts. You could even think the cartridge or preamp had been changed. And yet, this device is only a voltage regulator that reduces wow. You then come to the conclusion that this factor is an essential element for reading a microgroove.

'A highly recommendable device that also allows you to change speed without moving the belt.'

Pro-Ject Speed Box II


REGA Fono mini A2D preamp

'A fine Rega phono preamp for my amp! '

Rega fono mini A2D phono preamp


Pro-Ject Head box S Headphone amplifier

Pro-Ject Head Box S Headphone amplifier

'It's the size of a cigarette pack, but the musicality is amazing! I can finally enjoy my headphones without any hassle. Yet another job well done from!'


Thorens MM005 phono preamp

Thorens mm005 phono preamp

'This great RIAA amplifier has successfully replaced my NAD! It's a different world altogether! I'm rediscovering my records, I can't wait to change to an MC! Thanks for your valuable advice. I'll be back soon for the cartridge! '


Pro-Ject tube box II preamp

'It does the job well. Compact, easy to use, efficient.... What more could I say? '

< 'You get the 'tube' sound quality at an affordable price, with an MC cartridge of the same level = pure bliss!!! No regrets. Thanks for the advice. '

Pro-Ject Tube box phono preamp


Speed Box SE II speed controller

Pro-Ject Speed box se

'Well, this was my biggest surprise ever, after putting a transparent cable with XLR input, which delivered a clearer and finer sound, I installed the speed box somewhat doubting its ability to improve my system, but without questioning the practicality of being able to switch over from 33 rpm to 45 rpm. I have to admit that it came as a huge surprise: everything is clearer with deeper bass and a more precise sound stage... I'm simply amazed! '

'I set up this speed box on my Pro-Ject RPM10. The result is amazing. More accurate, better legibility, the music is a lot more 'open'! Thanks for the advice! I'm so glad I bought it. '


Tube box SE II preamplifier

Pro-Ject Tube box SE

'I had a Phono Box 2 (see review on the website) that I bought with my Arcam AVR 300 amp. As I started considering tweaking up my turntable a few months ago (a Pro-Ject 2-xperience, I followed the advice of Franck, one of the website managers, and opted for this new phono preamp. He also recommended that I add a Speed Box 2 (review also posted on the website) to my system. The result is pure magic. As I'm really no technician, the reason for this result is beyond me. But you can clearly tell that this unit improves the sound range and rounds off the notes. '


Sutherland PH3D phono preamplifier

I just can't believe it! This preamplifier is stunning for its dynamic range, accuracy and transparency. The musicality is just superb! I can listen to all my records again. Thanks for all the advice. (VPI Scout + Dynavector DV10X5) »

'My old phono preamp was picking up all the noise from the cluttered system setup (no matter how organised you try to keep things, it's still cluttered up....), and it was really clumsy. The Sutherland is a good product, robust, heavy, thin (it fitted in the space I had), that requires no external power supply - the result is extremely silent and there's one socket less to find (it soon becomes a difficult task in all that 'clutter'). Musically, you have to give it time. Open, airy, dynamic range, frequency response... At last my record sounds as I want it to. When you open the casing to change the settings (easy to do, but the owner's manual is a bit 'light' for the price (a folded black and white A3 format), it's obvious that the design is simple (a chip: it's unfortunately not discreet) and very well done. Double mono, separation of the power supply section (batteries) and preamp. It's good, it's clean...but a bit of a 'surprise' in that respect. It's definitely a mid-range product. Which explains my tiny reservation. Of course, there's better...but you have to be realistic (I only have a Pro-Ject X-perience 2 Acryl) and, also, it's so expensive. Mid-range products are actually quite difficult to come by...and I'm really glad with this purchase. '

'I'm simply surprised and happy with this investment! Everything's improved, the sound stage is wider, the instrument placement is more precise, the precision, details and sound stage are improved, I get a more open and deeper bass and the silences between each track and between each instrumental...It gives my records a whole new dimension! I really should learn to put my scepticism to one side sometimes! I can only recommend this product, you can't go wrong. I used to have a tube box, but now I've entered a much more musical and warmer world... The vocals are beautiful and precise. Negative points? I find the power switch slightly on the cheap side. Given the results I get with this turntable, I can only imagine what I would get if I upgrade... My setup: Audio Research Classic 30, Audio Research ls8 preamp, rpm9 turntable, Pro-Ject Speed box, Sutherland ph3d. Many thanks for the advice. Keep up the good work! '

'I combined this PH3d with my VPI Traveler and a Dynavector cartridge. After a break-in period of a few days (I had been told about this) the sound is way above my expectations!! I'm simply delighted! Thank you for the unparalleled advice and service. I'll be seeing you very soon! '

Sutherland PH3D phono preamp



REGA spacer

Rega spacer

'Ideal to adjust the height of the Rb300 tonearm of my Rega Planar 3 turntable with my Ortofon Red 2M cartridge'

'A practical and essential accessory that finally does justice to my Dynavector cartridge! Thank you for your advice and professionalism.'


Pro-Ject platter mat Felt Mat Debut

'Ideal replacement for a felt platter that tends to 'peel off' as you remove the record! It’s great value for money. '

'In replacement for the original Linn felt mat great product (more direct, faster sound), good site, great advice! '

'I changed the old felt mat on my systemDeck. This leather platter mat perfectly adheres to the glass platter and prevents resonance. Also, a static effect prevents it from adhering to the record! It delivers a clearer sound with a punchier bass! A great accessory. Thank you!'

Pro-Ject felt mat debut


Cool damper EAT

'Easy to mount onto the tube. Impressive result! Great sound stage, the sound is very smooth. Crystal clear bass. Just can't get enough of it! '

EAT cool damper


REGA High Performance belt

Rega High Performance belt

'I'm at a loss to explain how a simple piece of rubber can improve the sound of my P3! But the improvement is just impressive! I'm simply amazed! '

'The perfect drive system for a Rega Planar 3 turntable'


Pro-Ject upgrade kit for suspended motor turntables

'This change is easy to implement, especially with your video tutorial, thanks! The result on my X-pression is tangible. The music is punchier and the bass seams cleaner and clearer. A safe buy! '

Pro-Ject Turntable modification kit


REGA RP1 turntable Performance Pack

REGA RP1 turntable Performance Pack

'This great package makes for a very good upgrade with amazing personalised support from Franck from I'm just delighted to rediscover my records! '

'Delivered this morning, set up by lunch: well, everything is better, clearer, more musical. The white belt has dramatically changed my old Planar 3 for the best. I had to add the washer to the spindle because the pulley was in contact with the platter. I should have done this earlier. J-Claude'

'If you have a Rega RP1, you need this package. The result is just amazing! Thank you very much. '

'Don't forget to powder the new belt because it engages hard, generating an unpleasant sound at start-up. Once again is spot on! Well done for your advice! You've become my favourite Hi-Fi dealer!'


Thorens Cleaning Set

'Great cleaning set! Essential for taking care of your equipment. '

'I'd like to change my initial rating! The cleaner is indeed great, miraculous you could say. I've just cleaned two second-hand records I just bought.... When I first played them, there was crackling on all the tracks... After I got over the initial disappointment, I decided to spray the miraculous solution and to spread it with the special brush... And there... My records were as good as new! Incredible, so: A MUST for vintage record owners. '

'It has all you need to clean your records. It's pretty and very efficient! I was able to play some records that I thought were scratched. '

Thorens cleaning kit


Spin clean Record record cleaner

'Works great on vintage and new records alike... And very easy to use... '

'This thing is simply great! It deep-cleans very dirty records. It gets rid of almost all the crackling, it's cheap and very easy to use. A top buy! '

'The result is beyond my expectations! Take very dirty (mouldy!) records that couldn't be played, put them in the Spin Clean and they're as good as new! Incredible! '

'It deserves the 5 star rating! '

'The music is a lot smoother the sound is amazingly clean. It does justice to the original music. Thank you »

'After a first cleaning session with this record cleaner, it got rid of a lot of crackling and background noise. Some records even came out as good as new! And all the static has been removed. Hence, the record doesn't attract dust and stays clean longer. If your records are mouldy, you can leave them to soak for a couple of hours to soften the dirt. So, this machine is a must-have. The only negative point is that you have to clean the record manually and it takes about 5 minutes. '

Spin Clean washer package


REGA platter RB 303 tonearm

REGA platter RB 303 tonearm

'Tracking ability and depth are improved and the message is alive with thousands of details. For the price on, it's an unmissable bargain!'


Pro-Ject Record Puck clamp

'I use this clamp with a Thorens TD 800. The dynamics are sharper, the sound stage is more precise, everything seems more detailed. Also, with its weight, it can flatten warped records. A great accessory! '

Pro-Ject Record puck


Thorens stabilizer clamp

Thorens Stabilizer clamp

'Great and very useful record clamp. Makes the music very precise and flattens warped records. I'm glad I bought it. Thank you'


Norstone Bergen 2 Hi-Fi furniture

Norstone Bergen 2 Hi-Fi furniture

'At first I was quite sceptical about buying a glass cabinet because of the negative reviews. As usual, Franck, who is always very helpful, gave me the advice I needed. When the cabinet was all set up, what change! The sound was quieter, with no external unwanted noise. The music was breathing. As usual, 100% satisfied with! '




Pro-Ject Connect it RCA CC phono cable

'I bought a Pro-Ject 2-Xperience turntable (see reviews on the site) and I opted for this cable. The result is just amazing compared with my previous cable (very basic, admittedly). I may be stating the obvious, but you wouldn't fit the engine of a Smart on a Ferrari, would you? Well the same applies here. To allow your turntable to operate optimally, you need the right cables... The final result is definitely worth it!'

'The difference a cable can make on music is quite amazing! Compared with my original cable, everything is more personified and more precise. The dynamics are superior and the sound quality more vibrant. A reasonable investment given the result. '

Pro-Ject Connect it phono cable


Furutech TP80E AC Power Filter Distributor

'I hesitated for a long time before buying it... There's so much information around about power supply. But I have to say that there was quite a bit of wind noise at home. I say 'was' because I am now using this power strip. Silence! I can actually listen to the music now, without any unwanted noise... The sound is improved because, without the hum, you can actually hear the details clearly. The bass is slightly improved. The sound stage has become a lot more precise. Everything has been improved, especially the sound stage, more precise and wider and my music is cleaner Also, I know that my system is better protected and for that alone, we can say it's a good investment. Good buy. I recommend it.>

'4 stars: only because it's a good upgrade with improved performance, but it doesn't change your system the way a preamp would. But I have to say that I'll pay a lot more attention to the power supply, as it's an important link to enhance your system. Even ESSENTIAL because if, like me, you're wondering if it will make a difference on the sound... The answer is now Obvious, as far as I'm concerned: On my system: YES! Product finish: beautiful with flawless quality. '

Furutech TP80E Power Filter Distributor


Furutech TP60-E AC Power Distributor

Furutech TP80E Power Filter Distributor

'Wonderfully crafted. The sound quality is greatly improved, though it also depends on the power cable that is used, because it comes alone. A Nordost works wonders on my system, with a lot of details and dynamics. Thanks for the advice. '


Transparent The Musiclink Super interconnect

'This phono cable (2m) is really great... I tried it with a Thorens turntable and a Leema Agena preamplifier... '

Transparent The Musiclink super Interconnect


- Furutech Silver Arrows-12 phono cable

'What can I say? In order of impressions, the sound is ample, the treble is more personified, the mids are softer with a sensation of spatial volume and ROCK STEADY stereo image. It's ultimately the latter effect that prevails, especially with mono records, which evidences the quality of the cable. Details emerge. The height adjustment of my Graham Phantom II tonearm (during playback) enables variations of the stylus vertical tracking angle and I was able to adjust the tonearm more precisely for perfectly pressed records. All in all, an obvious improvement with respect to competitor cables. I'm also extremely critical when I read reviews full or praise, but I have to say that as far as this Furutech is concerned, they're well deserved. In my time, we had the Festival du Son at the Palais d'Orsay, which was not a sound circus as are current trade shows. There were French and foreign manufacturers and designers and you could sometimes hear a soft and precise sound that would draw a flock of visitors. I was able to relive this experience today and it's made me feel ten years younger. Thank you '

Furutech silver arrows 12 phono cable