The record player gets a facelift

Whether you know them as turntable, record player or slotted record player, they have the same function: playing 33 or 45 rpm records. Record players are etched in our minds, delivering, if not a pure sound, an authentic sound that all music lovers like, not just those who are nostalgic of the old days.

Record players: choice and quality

The record player is currently getting a new lease of life and finding its way back into our living rooms, alongside our CD and MP3 players. A wide selection of record player models are available on Take a virtual tour to find leading Hi-Fi brands. The choice of records is vast with, besides those of past generations, many artists releasing or re-releasing their albums on record. With your record player, the listening experience is always enjoyable.

The record player is an audiophile's best friend

Current record players operate in the same way as their forefathers. Find out for yourself on You'll relive the experience of that precious and precise gesture that you need to do to unleash the first musical notes. For amateurs and professionals alike, you'll find on our website the idealrecord player to suit your expectations and use. We offer leading brands, such as Thorens, Pro-Ject, Well Tempered, Clearaudio and Rega, to name only a few. Their complete range of record players and accessories delivers the best sound quality for all applications. The first notes emanating from the record turning on the record player will bring back long-lost sensations in a flash. You can share those emotions with family or friends.