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Browse for a selection of turntables from leading manufacturers at attractive prices. Thorens, Pro-Ject and Rega are some of the specialists in audiophile turntables and their products are available on our website.

Branded turntables, a sign of quality

Because we love to share our passion for turntables and your satisfaction is of key importance to us, we offer a selection of high-quality models at various prices to meet the requirements of all users. Audiophiles will no doubt find what they're looking for to enjoy their record collection. If you need to repair, improve or modify your turntable, also sells accessories, cleaning kits and replacement equipment compatible with your model. Our product offer also includes a wide selection of belts, cartridges, styli and furniture. To find a turntable from your favourite brand, just click on it. Comprehensive product details and consumer reviews are also available for each turntable to help you with your purchase.

Quality, design, choice... The best of the turntable

Music fans love turntables for their sound quality and attractive design. On this fast growing market, turntable manufacturers are always on the lookout for innovation. To stay tuned to the different brands, browse our selection of turntable models, which is regularly kept up to date. Depending on what you use your turntable for, its specifications, motor type, and other elements should be carefully considered. We offer a number of vinyl turntables to choose from depending on your budget. To help you with your choice, read our fact sheets and contact our customer service by e-mail.