Bring back your vinyl records to life with a record player

The record player appeared a long time ago and is still of interest to a number of manufacturers who devote their expertise to this type of equipment, making it timeless. Amid the rise of new technology in our everyday lives, who could have thought that this machine would have travelled through time?

The record player is immortal

With the advent of CDs, the record player's prospects looked quite grim. Against all odds, it's now back and looks like it's here to stay! No doubt that music lovers will consider this is as good news. The record player's had a facelift and blends in neatly with the vintage, pop and futuristic genre, targeting an audience from a new generation. Manufacturers have added new features to the turntable, making it possible to convert records to a digital format and generate MP3 files. While CD sales are plummeting, those of vinyl records and record players are soaring. Because audiophiles expect the best sound quality, how could they not love record players? Indeed, CDs and MP3 have the disadvantage of removing certain frequencies due to compression.

The record player: living up to audiophiles' expectations is the priority

All the specialists agree to say that the record player delivers the most faithful sound quality. With their innovations, they are considered as a work of art in their own right, a unique item. Find out for yourself on You'll find a large selection of record player models that will no doubt make every music lover happy. With around thirty famous manufacturers listed on the website, you're bound to find your ideal record player. Among the oldest names, Thorens, who has been loyal to record players since 1883, endeavours to offer customers the best sound quality, focusing on an attractive design for its record players. Many other manufacturers offer an array of record player models, such as Pro-ject or Rega. The enthusiasm of music lovers for the record player did not go unnoticed among artists, resulting in many LPs being re-released. We can safely assume that the record player has a bright future ahead!