Decoupling: what is its importance in High-Fidelity?

Decoupling: what is its importance in High-Fidelity

Firstly, know that our environment naturally radiates vibrations that have negative impact over the restitution of your Hi-Fi system. Often overlooked, the decoupling is the solution that responds to this issue. In this shopping guide, we share you the importance of the decoupling in High-Fidelity, as well as the different solution you have to reduce vibrations and optimize your sound.

1. What is decoupling?

In a first time, there are several factors that create vibrations and thus impact the sound restitution. The two main vibratory factors are the environment, and Hi-Fi devices themselves.

Our external environment plays a major role in the emission of vibrations. For example, when you walk on tiles or parquet, it issues vibrations. This is also true outside your home, such as when there are construction work, transportation and many others outside noises. Even if it looks trivial, it causes vibrations that can be perceived during your listening experience!

Another fact: when a Hi-Fi device is operating, it can also create vibrations. Following the place, and more precisely the surface where the element is located, vibrations will be more or less strong. Some surfaces are more vibrant than others, such as glass, metal or fine wood.

Aware that these mechanical problems impact the sound and create distortion, Hi-Fi manufacturers have developed so-called decoupling solutions. They allow you to “separate” Hi-Fi element from their surface, thanks to materials against vibrations. For example, there are aluminium, synthetic rubber, elastomer, sorbothane, etc.

SSC Matchpoint 300 isolation feet

Decoupling avoids vibrations, as well as resonances and colorations from the surface from rising into your Hi-Fi system.

2. The contribution of decoupling to your Hi-Fi system

The main advantage of decoupling to your Hi-Fi system is the reduction, even the removal, of all vibrations from your different Hi-Fi elements. This will have a positive impact on your listening, and thus optimize the restitution of your Hi-Fi installation. Its audiophile performances will be improved.

Concretely, the removal of vibrations, thanks to decoupling, will make it possible to obtain a more open and precise listening. You will get a tight bass, while keeping a soft mid-range. The sound scene will be deeper. As you can understand, all the restitution will be improved!

3. The different methods to add Hi-Fi decoupling

If you want to limit, even completely remove, these parasitic vibrations during the listening of your Hi-Fi system, know that Hi-Fi manufacturers has designed decoupling products that can be placed under your different Hi-Fi elements: turntables, amplifiers, phono preamplifiers, CD players, Hi-Fi speakers...

3.1. Tablets and decoupling bases

Tablets and decoupling bases are very effective methods to avoid vibrations. These bases have the particularity to absorb and remove vibrations, thus improving the sound rendering.

There are different sizes of tablets and bases that allow you to adapt these ones regarding to the size of your devices. The SSC brand offers various tablets to place under a phono preamp or even an amplifier, such as the SSC Minibase base or Solidbase.

SSC Minibase base

SSC also offers bigger and more robust tablets (ex: SSC Solobase or Twinbase bases) that can be placed under a turntable. Pro-Ject, the famous manufacturer, has also addressed these vibration problems and offers various decoupling bases. Its Pro-Ject Ground It range is very strong and enables a good damping.

Pro-Ject Ground It E base

Following their technology and properties against vibrations, these tablets and decoupling bases can have different prices. On the High-Fidelity market, we find all these solution from hundreds of euros to several hundreds. An important investment, but for an immediate effect on your sound!

3.2. Damping pads and decoupling spikes

For limited budgets, there are other solutions. Indeed, manufacturers offer more affordable products that avoid vibratory effects: damping pads and decoupling spikes.

These are placed under each stand or spike of your Hi-Fi elements. They damp vibrations.

For tiny budgets, the Tonar damping pads or even the Milty Foculpods damping pads offer good damping performances. Pro-Ject also offers a democratic solution with its Damp It. For a slightly higher budget, SSC offer small bases with its Netpoint and Matchpoint ranges.

Milty Foculpods damping pads

If your installation is already placed under Hi-Fi furniture, that offers good properties in acoustic, know that you can add an extra decoupling product to even more optimize your restitution!


We hope that these few explanations will help you to understand what decoupling is and how important it is for your audiophile listening experience. If you would like any further information, do not hesitate to contact one of our technicians by phone (0 810 810 121) or by our contact form.