2018 Christmas gift ideas - turntables & accessories

2018 Christmas gift ideas

Just few weeks before Christmas! It is time to start thinking about the presents that we will place under the tree for Christmas 2018. To help you, we offer you some gift ideas aimed to an analog music lover or a vinyl record collector.

1. Our Christmas gift ideas for getting start in analog

One of your loved ones desires to get into vinyl universe but is not equipped for? Since he will need a vinyl turntable to be able to read his vinyl records, why not offer him one for Christmas? Here is a selection of turntables that have the particularity to have already an integrated phono preamplifier. A good solution when you are getting started with vinyl without wanting to spend too much!


Available on the Hi-Fi market just 1 year ago, the Essential III turntables range by Pro-Ject is already part of the flagship products of the manufacturer! The Pro-Ject Essential III Phono turntable is very versatile and is adapted to every kind of music. Like this, whatever the kind of music listened by the person whom you wish to offer this Christmas gift, the analogue sound will be there!

Pro-Ject Essential III Phono turntable

In addition, with its integrated phono preamplifier, he will just have to connect the turntable to the Auxiliary input of his amplifier. A super present to place under the Christmas tree of a wannabe music lover having various music tastes!


Proud of its success the Planar 1 turntable, the British manufacturer Rega has developed a “Plus” version that includes an integrated phono stage! On this Rega Planar 1 Plus, we obviously find all the elements of the Planar 1, and Rega’s proper sound restitution. It will be an excellent Christmas present if your loved one mostly listens to Rock music and owns a mini Hi-Fi system!

Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable


Pro-Ject proposes now an ideal model for all those who want to start listening to vinyl records: the Juke Box E turntable. This one is part of “all-in-one” turntables because it includes a phono preamp but also an amplifier! The Pro-Ject Box E also offers many inputs and outputs, that allows for example connecting a device via Bluetooth or any other audio source. A real all-in-one product!

Pro-Ject Juke Box E all-in-one turntable

By offering this Pro-Ject Box E turntable for Christmas, the receiver of this beautiful gift will just need Hi-Fi speakers to be able to enjoy his LPs! A quality and low cost solution.

This all-in-one Pro-Ject Juke Box E turntable pleases you but the receiver does not have speakers? Good news, we thought about you since we even offer you a Juke Box E pack! ;)

2. Our “ready-to-listen” Christmas gift ideas

You are looking for a Christmas gift for someone who does not have any Hi-Fi equipment? If your budget allows it, you can choose one of our ready-to-listen packages.

Indeed, these are composed of all the necessary elements for a vinyl listening. In most of your ready-to-listen packs, you can find a turntable, an integrated amplifier and a pair of Hi-Fi speakers. This allows you to offer a complete vinyl listening system and ready to be used! To enjoy it as soon as the Christmas presents are opened!

Ready-to-listen packages by maPlatine.com

Furthermore, with our ready to listen packs, you can not go wrong in terms of compatibility, because they are all designed to offer a perfect association between each Hi-Fi element to get an optimal restitution. A beautiful present that is sure to make someone happy during Christmas!

3. Our gift ideas to maintain a turntable and vinyl records

You are looking for a Christmas present for someone who already has Hi-Fi elements or for a great collector of records? Think about him by offering new vinyl records of an audiophile quality or accessories to maintain his equipment or records.


So what is better for a vinyl addict than to add a new record to his collection? Among our audiophile vinyl records selection, you should find what you are looking for, to make one of your loved ones happy for Christmas!

Audiophile vinyl records

All the records we offer have been selected for their pressing and mastering qualities, giving an outstanding sound restitution. The receiver of this Christmas present will be able to fully enjoy his music and Hi-Fi system! To offer without moderation!


To get an optimal listening quality, you have to make sure that the records are clean. And it is the same principle for the stylus of your phono cartridge! For that, there are a variety of cleaning products that allow a deep cleaning of these items.

If you are looking for a present idea for someone who owns some vinyl records, think about these cleaning accessories that we think are a must! As example, for Christmas you can offer the Flux Hi-Fi Sonic stylus cleaner, that will give a new lease of life to all dusty stylus!

Flux Hi-Fi Sonic stylus cleaner

You can also opt for an antistatic brush like the ASB-1 by Furutech. This cleans both the surface of the LP and the stylus. So it is an excellent choice that has its place under the Christmas tree!

Furutech ASB-1 antistatic brush

And if you prefer to offer a box containing several cleaning accessories, we also have what you need. With the Thorens cleaning box or the one proposed by Simply Analog, your loved one will have all the necessary to properly maintain his precious vinyl records. Some pretty Christmas present ideas!

Thorens cleaning set


The vinyl record cleaning machines are the best options to ensure an optimal cleaning of your LPs. There are several models that can be in a manual or automatic format. You decide following the budget for your Christmas presents!

The Spin Clean Record Washer System for example, is part of our Christmas present ideas for the music lovers and owners of a small records collection. The Spin Clean gives outstanding results: the vinyl records come out very clean and free of impurities. Easy to use and not bulky, the Spin Clean machine is a beautiful present for Christmas!

Spin Clean Record Washer System

For the great collectors of vinyl records and concerned about the good care of these, the automatic cleaning machine will be almost indispensable! If you want to make an handsome Christmas present and offer an automatic cleaning machine to your loved one, the latter will be delighted with the Okki Nokki Record Cleaner machine. Thanks to its vacuum method, the Okki Nokki Record Cleaner is very performing, all impurities are removed. The vinyl records come out like new and find their original shine! This will brighten your Christmas Eve even more :)

Okki Nokki Record Cleaner machine


We hope that this selection of vinyl turntables and vinyl record accessories will give you some ideas for Christmas 2018, to please your records lovers. If you would like further information, our technicians are naturally available by phone (0 810 810 121) or by our contact form.