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maPlatine.com is an e-commerce website dedicated to analogue and High-Fidelity products. The team's expertise will allow you to get the best personalised advice.

On maPlatine.com you'll find everything related to the record player. You'll find information about the latest products and get personalised advice. Find your record player on our online shop. Indulge yourself in a USB turntable. Quality is guaranteed!


Products on maPlatine.com

The managers of the online shop are particularly concerned with the quality of the products they offer. In fact, each product is covered by a two-year warranty for parts and labour. For issues that are not covered by warranty, the portal has an after sales service workshop. Ask the technician for an estimate.??

The products sold by maPlatine.com stem from leading analogue system manufacturers (Pro-Ject, Rega, Clearaudio, VPI, and others). Technical details and specifications are already available on the website. If you can't find the information you're looking for on these fact sheets, contact the customer service who will assist you with your purchase. They will use their expertise to come up with suitable answers. All we ask is that you write your questions in a clearly legible manner. We come back with answers within short notice. You can ask questions about anything from the history of the brands, product specifications to maintenance.


The maPlatine.com offering

Record player, MC step-up transformer, phono preamps, etc. maPlatine.com's offering is extensive. If you have a curious mind, then read the articles in the fact sheets and learn about the origins of these products. This will help you to better use your new system. Take advantage of the expertise of a reliable online shop. Besides the availability of the after sales service and the personalised advice, you can track your order along its entire journey. You can also trade your old equipment in.

Not satisfied with your Ortofon product or your Pro-Ject Debut Carbon manual turntable? You can return the product. In other words, you can send the package back to maPlatine.com. This is part and parcel of the shop's expertise. In regards to delivery, you can track your product step by step. In fact, you'll get a summary e-mail immediately after you place your order. Then, you'll get a tracking number. You can use it to track the your product during shipment. If a problem arises, you can contact the Customer Service via e-mail.