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New products for the start of the 2018 school year

Des nouveautés pour la rentrée 2018

After a summer full of new products, the back-to-school season promises the same! The recovery has been eventful and the last few weeks have been busy. Indeed, several brand new products have appeared on our website.



The Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable

The British brand Rega developed its well-known Rega Planar 1 turntable with a “Plus” model.
When we look at this Planar 1 Plus, nothing makes the difference with its predecessor, as it has all the features of the Rega Planar 1.

Maybe you wonder what is the difference between these two models… For that, you just have to look at the turntable back. This Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable features an integrated phono preamplifier! This one is a simplified version of the Rega Fono Mini A2D phono preamp. So it allows link directly the vinyl turntable to a Hi-Fi device having a standard line input. It is ideal for a small budget but also for all those who already own a mini Hi-Fi system or connected speakers.


Rega Planar 1 Plus turntable

In terms of restitution, we obviously find all the audiophile qualities of the Planar 1, with a little more definition for this “Plus” model. A new turntable by Rega that will make a splash!



Associations with Rega Planar turntable with Ortofon 2M cartridge

Another great novelty of the start of the school year, that is exclusive on Rega turntables and Ortofon cartridges association, giving a wonderful sound restitution!


Rega Planar 1 - 2M Red SE turntable

We offer you two new associations: the Rega Planar 1 turntable mounted with the Ortofon 2M Red cartridge, and the Rega Planar 2 turntable with the Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge.


Rega Planar 2 - 2M Blue SE turntable

In each of these associations, we include the Rega spacer for mounting the Ortofon MM cartridges.
And obviously, we do the mounting and the setting for you before the shipment! This will allow you to enjoy our new turntable as soon as you receive it!



New accessories to maintain your vinyl records

We frequently repeat it, the care of your records is primordial to get an optimal listening quality.
That is why we offer you new accessories to maintain your vinyl records, to use every day or for a deep cleaning.


The Furutech ASB-1 antistatic brush

After several years of good and loyal service, the SK-III brush had been stopped by Furutech several months ago, to our dismay… But good news, the Furutech ASB-1 brush has finally arrived to replace it!

This new Furutech ASB-1 brush still looks like a make-up brush, but has new “Corebird™B” fibres. These have remarkable antistatic properties, even more important than those of the SK-III.

Regularly used on your vinyl records, this ASB-1 brush does marvels: no static load and no dust! Furutech has achieved its goal with this new ASB-1 antistatic brush!


Furutech ASB-1 brush


The Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro record cleaning machine

The Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro record cleaning machine is not an automatic cleaning machine like another… Indeed, it offers an ultrasonic cleaning! This principle is known by its important effectiveness and this Vinyl Cleaner Pro is the perfect example of it.

Once the record is gone through the cleaning machine, it comes out as new and dry because this Audio Desk Systeme cleaning machine has also a drying function.

Visually, the vinyl record recovers its original beauty, and to the ear, there is no surface noise. A cleaning “accessory” that impressed us!


Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner Pro cleaning machine



The Essential Audio Tools manufacturer

Essential Audio Tools is a Dutch manufacturer specialized in the design of high-end audio devices. Over the past decade, the manufacturer has decided to develop its own range by offering products that allow the optimization of a Hi-Fi system: power cables, power filters, power strips…

Indeed, the manufacturer offers solutions giving instructions about the electrical installation of your Hi-Fi system (ex: Essential Audio Tools Sound Saver tester) or power filters like the Pulse Protector or the Noise Eater, that remove perturbations and voltage peak.


Essential Audio Tools Noise Eater conditioner

On our website, you can also find Essential Audio Tools power cables (Current Conductor 8 and Current Conductor L) that will optimize and improve the restitution of your Hi-Fi system.

An other brand new power cable by Essential Audio Tools: the Current Spyder L, which has the particularity to offer three cable in one, while giving a more defined and dynamic restitution. A quality but also ergonomic Hi-Fi cable!


Essential Audio Tools Current Spyder L power cable


As you can see, we did not lie to you… the start of the new school year was placed under the sign of the novelty! And it should not stop there. The year 2018 is not finished yet and still promise us great things 🙂