REGA RB330 tonearm

REGA tonearm
Length 9 inches
Balance weight
Adjustable anti-skating
No tracking force scale required

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Manufacturer : REGA

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Rega RB330 : Research and development

For this new Rega RB330 tonearm, the brand has worked for several months to improve the performance of the famous RB303 tonearm! Rega has endeavoured to optimise its tonearms in terms of ergonomics and sonic performance.

Designed using the latest 3D CAD and CAM technology, this RB330 tonearm is the culmination of more that 35 years of experience!

Its design was optimised to ensure fewer points of resonance.

Rega RB330 - Tonearm

Rega RB330 : Assembly

Each Rega RB330 tonearm is carefully hand-built using custom tools (machining, torque adjustment, etc.) to guarantee best efficiency.

All these precautions allow for perfect tracking and produce a detailed sound quality.

Rega RB330 : Manufacturing and Technology

The RB330 tonearm has a tube made of a precision-machined single piece of aluminium. This optimises performance and minimises stress on the roller bearings.

They are made of polymer, according to a Rega-patented process.

The housing with the vertical bearing is stiffer.

Rega RB330 - Upper view

The bearings move horizontally and vertically with hardly any friction. Also, there is no measurable play in any of the bearing assemblies.

Rega claims an adjustment to 1 at the most!

A new phono cable was designed based on Rega's Couple cable. It exhibits very low capacitance. It is terminated with gold-plated Neutrik RCA plugs.

Rega RB330 : Adjustments

The Rega RB330 naturally has tracking force adjustment via a dial located on the side of the bearing. This principle provides a high precision force adjustment for the stylus.

The anti-skate is adjusted by a slider built into the arm chassis.

Rega RB330 - Zoom on the tonearm

Rega RB330 : Listening and test review

Rega's RB330 tonearm tops its famous predecessors! It’s definitely a precision tool!

It delivers a very precise, punchy and vibrant sound.

It is compatible with many very high-end MM cartridges and MC cartridges.

Rega is famed for the musicality of its vinyl turntables, as well as for the quality of its tonearms. The Rega RB330 is now a legend, more than 35 years after the famous RB300! For the price, it seems to be a great deal!

Also note that it is compatible with the manufacturer's previous models, as well as other vinyl turntables than Rega's!

Highly recommended!


Tube: aluminium

Length: 9 inches

Overhang: 17.2 mm

Mounting distance: 222 mm

Effective mass: 11 g

Tracking force: applied with a lateral dial

Anti-skate: adjustable

Mounting: 3 points, with screws

Cable: captive phono

Connectors: RCA

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REGA RB330 tonearm

REGA RB330 tonearm

REGA tonearm
Length 9 inches
Balance weight
Adjustable anti-skating
No tracking force scale required

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