Audioquest Robin Hood Zero speaker cables

Speaker cable

Silver-plated banana or fork connectors

Copper PSC + ( 1.65m2)

Zero-Tech technology

Polarization (DBS) 72v

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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The Audioquest Robin Hood Zero speaker cable is the most affordable model in the prestigious "Folk Hero" range from American manufacturer Audioquest.


Although the negative cables of a speaker cable are integral to signal transmission, they also act as antennas and thus are susceptible to radio frequency (RF) noise. RF noise is a parasitic signal that typically couples directly into the most sensitive audio circuits of a Hi-Fi system.

Audioquest's RF Noise Dissipation Technology (RF/ND-Tech) significantly reduces distortion and enhances transparency and definition.

Conventional shielding or series/parallel filters cannot eliminate all disturbances caused by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or telephony. To address this, Audioquest employs multiple shields and a multilayer linearized carbon-based resistive network that converts most of this noise into heat. The only way to completely eliminate characteristic impedance imbalances between a cable and its associated source and load is to ensure the cable has no fixed characteristic impedance value. ZERO-Tech achieves this by eliminating interaction between the cable's insulation (dielectric) and conductors, allowing for uncompressed current transfer.


The Audioquest Robin Hood Zero uses solid-core conductors. These solid conductors prevent strand interaction, a major source of dynamic distortion. They utilize extremely pure PSC+ solid copper, which limits distortion caused by grain boundaries present in all metal conductors. These solid-core conductors are exclusively made from PSC+, the highest purity copper used by Audioquest.

All conductors receive an air-filled expanded polyethylene insulation. The advantage here is that air absorbs very little energy, and polyethylene offers a very low distortion profile.


The Audioquest Robin Hood Zero features the patented Dielectric-Bias System (DBS). This involves inserting two wires into the cable's insulation with a positive and negative 72-volt bias! This voltage is supplied by a battery attached via Velcro to the cable. Since there is no current and the batteries have very low self-discharge, they last for years and are easy to replace.

Each DBS unit includes a test button with an LED indicator.

The insulation also acts as a dielectric that can function as a filter. Active polarization minimizes dielectric noise and linearizes the filter, significantly improving RF noise dissipation across the entire bandwidth.


The "Folk Hero" series speaker cables connect using solderless spade or banana connectors. The Audioquest Robin Hood is equipped with excellent Silver-plated 1000 series connectors. They ensure superb contact with very low electrical resistance.

The spades or bananas are made from extremely pure red copper. The bare copper is immersed in a bath of pure silver to ensure excellent plating quality. These plugs avoid using metal to prevent RF noise induction into the conductors.


The Audioquest Robin Hood is the little brother of the William Tell Zero, sharing its technology and conductors. The major difference between the two is the Robin Hood's relatively smaller cable diameter, making it suitable for speakers with a narrower bandwidth or those demanding more bass precision.

We paired it with Focal Sopra 1 and Sonus Faber Olympica Nova II speakers.

The results were noticeable from the outset. The dynamics are remarkable, displaying uncommon contrast. The fast transient response offers remarkable realism in orchestral masses. The bass is dynamic, articulate, transparent, and varies with each recording. It also seems reproduced with much less coloration than with our reference cables.

The midrange is transparent and neutral. The Robin Hood excels with female vocals, giving them the extra soul often lacking. The upper spectrum also appears better integrated with other registers, exhibiting uncommon elegance.

Conversely, the reproduction is much smoother and natural, offering superb tonal quality. There's also remarkable airiness and a precise soundstage with incredible accuracy.

Certainly, this cable comes at a price and is aimed at already high-performing systems. However, the improvements brought by the Audioquest Robin Hood speaker cable are undeniable, offering remarkable value for its price.

Highly recommended +++


Connectors: Silver-plated
Forks or bananas: 1000 series
Conductors: PSC+
Conductor diameters: 1.65mm2
Screen: multi-layer carbon
Polarization: (DBS) 72v

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Audioquest Robin Hood Zero speaker cables

Audioquest Robin Hood Zero speaker cables

Speaker cable

Silver-plated banana or fork connectors

Copper PSC + ( 1.65m2)

Zero-Tech technology

Polarization (DBS) 72v

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