Audioquest William Tell Zero speakers cables

Speaker cable

Connectors: silver-plated banana or fork connectors

Copper PSC + (2.62m2)

Zero-Tech technology

Polarization (DBS) 72v

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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AudioQuest William Tell Zero Speaker Cables: Part of the Prestigious "Folk Hero Series" from the American Manufacturer


Although the negative cables of a speaker cable are an integral part of signal transmission, they also act as an antenna. Therefore, they are subject to induced radio frequency (RF) noise. RF noise is a parasitic signal that is typically directly coupled to the most sensitive audio circuits of a Hi-Fi system.

AudioQuest's RF Noise-Dissipation Technology (RF/ND-Tech) significantly reduces distortion and increases transparency and definition.

Conventional shielding or a series or parallel filter cannot eliminate all interferences from WiFi, Bluetooth, or telephony.

To eliminate these, AudioQuest uses multiple shields and a multi-layer carbon-based resistive network that transforms most of this noise into heat. The only way to completely eliminate the characteristic impedance imbalances between a cable and its associated source and load is to ensure that the cable has no fixed characteristic impedance value. ZERO-Tech achieves this by eliminating the interaction between the insulation (dielectric) and the cable conductors, allowing for uncompressed current transfer.


The AudioQuest William Tell Zero speaker cables use single-strand conductors. Here, three single-strand conductors of different diameters are used for the positive and negative sides of the cable. The use of single strands prevents the interaction between strands, which is a major source of dynamic distortion. Each strand is individually insulated with thick PE dielectric.

The copper used is solid PSC+ copper of extreme purity (an OCC copper subjected to additional annealing), the best used by AudioQuest. PSC+ copper limits distortion caused by grain junctions that exist in all metal conductors. These single-strand conductors with a diameter of 2.62mm² offer very low resistance, and low capacitance and inductance.

All conductors are sheathed in expanded polyethylene, which offers a very low distortion profile.


The AudioQuest William Tell Zero speaker cables are equipped with the patented polarization system (DBS). This involves inserting two wires into the cable insulation, with a voltage of plus and minus 72 Volts! This is provided by a battery fixed by Velcro to the cable. Since there is no current and the batteries have very low "self-discharge," they last for years and are very easy to replace.

A test button with an LED is present on each DBS box.

The insulation is also a dielectric that can act as a filter. Active polarization minimizes dielectric noise and linearizes the filter, greatly improving RF noise dissipation across the bandwidth.


The speaker cables of the "Folk Hero" series are connected to fork or banana connectors without soldering. These 1000 series connectors are made of extremely pure red copper. To achieve excellent plating quality, this bare copper is immersed (suspended) in a pure silver bath. This ensures superb contact with very low electrical resistance. These connectors do not use any metal to avoid inducing RF noise into the conductors.


Given the range and investment required for this cable, it is clearly designed to be paired with relatively "high-end" components. We tested it with Focal's Sopra speakers and Wilson Audio speakers.

From the first few seconds, the difference with our reference cable was astounding.

Firstly, we had the sensation that everything was in its place, and especially that a veil between the speakers and the listener had been removed. The level of detail and transparency is stunning, especially concerning backgrounds and atmospheres. This is particularly evident on live recordings. These also highlight the position of the musicians and enhance the space between them. Spaces that previously seemed large extended far beyond the speaker limits, literally making the walls of the auditorium disappear.

The transparency and clarity of the midrange offer incredible realism on vocals. This range is also complemented by a precise and bright high end, without ever falling into harshness or excessive brightness.

The bass is phenomenal in its depth. And paradoxically, it is remarkable for its control and readability.

The overall sound is dynamic and impactful but never forgets the subtleties and finesse when necessary. Also, the William Tell Zero speaker cables are smooth and silky, making them perfectly suited to classical music, especially opera. However, it must be admitted that for rock, blues, jazz, and even electronic music, the William Tell Zero provides uncommon breadth and realism!

Although clearly not entry-level speaker cables, the William Tell Zero speaker cables surprisingly offer excellent value for money. They are certainly among the best speaker cables in this range that I have had the opportunity to listen to. It is difficult to switch to anything else.

Our favorite!


Connectors: silver-plated

Forks or bananas: 1000 series

Conductors: PSC+

Conductor diameters: 2.62 mm2

Screen: multi-layer carbon

Polarization: (DBS) 72v

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Customer reviews



J'ai essayé ce câble HP sans trop d'aprioris et sans non plus trop d'espoir .. ;-)
Mais je dois bien avouer qu'il m'a mis une claque ! Vous le branchez et des premières secondes ne vous en revenez pas ! L'apport d'un tel câble est incroyable et indéniable. Bien sûr j'avais déjà un excellent câble , mais le Wiliam Tell à tout transcendé ! Dynamique, précision, scène sonore, transparence, ouverture… ! Le grave est incroyable par sa tenue et sa profondeur et les autres registres sont d'une neutralité remarquable et d'un réalisme surprenant... Cela peut paraitre choquant, mais le rapport qualité prix de ce câble est incroyable, une réelle découverte et un choc ! je ne le débranche plus, il reste chez moi ! (Audio Research + Wilson Audio)

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Audioquest William Tell Zero speakers cables

Audioquest William Tell Zero speakers cables

Speaker cable

Connectors: silver-plated banana or fork connectors

Copper PSC + (2.62m2)

Zero-Tech technology

Polarization (DBS) 72v

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