Stabiliser AT618

Record clamp

Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : AUDIO TECHNICA

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This Audio Technica record clamp has a more professional design than its competitors. It is milled in heavy metal and weighs 600 g! Its surface (except that in contact with the record) is covered with non-skid rubber.


The properties of this accessory are acclaimed by audiophiles, radio professionals and DJs. It is designed for those looking for better sound quality and high fidelity. The record clamp optimises data extraction from the record groove. The weight applied to the record reduces vibration and resonance and flattens the record's surface. The sound quality is more precise, vibrant and cleaner.


Highly recommended!


NB: However, this accessory is not recommended with felt platter mats (too soft!) as well as with suspended turntables


Record clamp

Weight: 600 g

Material: Metal

Exterior: Polymer

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



J'ai des vinyls qui était légèrement voilés.
J'ai une platine audio technica
Je me suis laissé tenté après avoir été conseillé par Franck,c'est magnifique,
la cellule ne saute plus a certains endroits et le son me semble différent.

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Stabiliser AT618

Stabiliser AT618

Record clamp

Made in Japan

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