Câble de modulation Cardas Parsec

RCA interconnect cable

Made in USA

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Manufacturer : CARDAS

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The Cardas Parsec interconnect cable replaces the well-known QuadLink. It is still part of the manufacturer’s most affordable cables. However, it is completely manufactured in the USA in the production unit of Bandon, in Oregon.


As always with Cardas, the conductors are made of Litz wire, here in pure copper, 2 conductors 0.58 mm in diameter each.

They are wound according to the Golden Section principle: the thinnest conductors are placed in the center and the conductor section increases as one reaches the periphery of the interconnect cable. This allow to reduce inductance and resonance phenomena.


Insulators are made of PFA and air! The shielding is obtained by an effective copper and Mylar layer.

RCA connectors are GRCM type and XLR original Neutrik.


We find all the musicality of the legendary Cardas QuadLink cable.

However, all the different changes made by the manufacturer have clearly advanced this interconnect cable which, among other elements, integrated the technology of Cardas’ high range products.

The restitution still remains “beautiful” and full of emotion. We find this presence and this characteristic "warmth" of Cardas productions. But the soundstage is more precise and palpable than with the previous models.

Moreover, the transparency and dynamics have progressed significantly!

A best buy!


Principle: interconnect cable

Outside diameter: 9.5 mm

Dielectric: PFA/Air

Geometry: StarQuad

Conductor diameter: 2 x 0.58 mm

Conductor: pure copper Litz wire

Geometry: Golden Ratio, Constant Q, Crossfield

Shielding: Copper and Mylar

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Câble de modulation Cardas Parsec

Câble de modulation Cardas Parsec

RCA interconnect cable

Made in USA

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