Tellurium Q Black RCA interconnect cable

Interconnect cable

Gold-plated RCA connectors

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Manufacturer : TELLURIUM Q

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The Tellurium Q Black RCA interconnect cable may be the British brand’s midrange cable, but it still features the majority of the characteristics of Tellurium Q’s more prestigious models.

Tellurium Q Black (interconnect): features

For example, it boasts the range’s signature black sheath.

Its gold-plated RCA connectors appear to be made by WBT, despite bearing the Tellurium Q logo. These connectors have been tried and tested by many high-end manufacturers, who have increasingly selected them for the excellent contact and value for money they offer.

And the same applies to the symmetrical version of this cable, which uses the excellent Neutrik XLR connectors and, of course, fully symmetrical conductors.

Tellurium Q Black (interconnect): listening and review

The Tellurium Q Black delivers a highly neutral and authentic sound quality that is never harsh or lacking in substance. As well as being extremely cohesive, the overall sound it delivers is open and transparent.

The Tellurium Q Black offers remarkable presence and realism for an interconnect in this range. It also reproduces the different layers of sound faithfully, with the timbre as a particular highlight.

We also recommend using it with the Tellurium Q Black phono cable and Tellurium Q Black speaker cable.

We use the XLR version of this Tellurium Q Black interconnect cable in our auditorium now, with our McIntosh MP100 phono preamplifier, and it is truly remarkable! Highly recommended.


Audio Video - 2016
Alpha Audio - 2016
Hi-Fi World - 2011
HiFi + - Cable of the Year - 2010


Description: interconnect cable

Length: 1 m

Connectors: Gold-plated RCA

Resistance: Low

Direction: mono

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi World

0.72 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Alpha Audio

0.41 Mo - pdf



Hi-Fi World


Hi-Fi +

Cable of the Year - 2010

Alpha Audio


Audio Video

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Bon cable qui équipe toute mon installation. La version au dessus à un aiguë un peu fin .

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Tellurium Q Black RCA interconnect cable

Tellurium Q Black RCA interconnect cable

Interconnect cable

Gold-plated RCA connectors

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