Tellurium Q Black phono cable

Phono cable

RCA connectors

+ grounding cable with set of bi-wire jumpers

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Manufacturer : TELLURIUM Q

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During previous tests, we enjoyed Tellurium Q's loudspeaker and interconnect cable range. The very promising phono range was yet to be tested!

After successfully testing the Tellurium Q Blue Phono, we decided to give its big brother, the Tellurium Q Black Phono, a try!

Tellurium Q Black Phono: design

As far as presentation goes, it features the brand's signature understated design, which makes us think that this is a highly optimised product and that the budget is dedicated to the quality of the conductors and to what we cannot see at first sight!

It is covered by a black nylon sheath, held at both ends by heat-shrinkable sleeves.

Tellurium Q Black Phono: features

RCA connectors are produced by the brand or are produced according to its specifications. Though they are very similar to known models, they depart from them on a number of points. They provide for perfect clamping, hence perfect contact on female RCA connectors. They have been optimised to meet the resistance and capacitance specifications for phono cables and their signals. In fact, let us not forget that the output signal of an MC cartridge is only a few millivolts, and even 10ths of millivolts! A far cry from the signal stemming from a CD player!

Tellurium Q has worked on the quality of its conductors, their structure and shielding. The manufacturer also lays the emphasis on phase coherence and signal preservation. And they intend to develop a specific cable for less than €450.

Note that a floating shield screen must be used, since this phono cable indicates a connection direction (purple sleeves preamp side).

A grounding cable and a set of bi-wire jumpers supplements the product.

Tellurium Q Black Phono: listening and review

We paired it with an MM cartridge (Ortofon 2M Black) and an MC cartridge (Hana SL). In both setups, we found the same typical qualities.

This Tellurium Q Black Phono makes room for timbre and neutrality. It is not as soft as the Q Blue Phono variant. It has substance and presence on vocals, yet with more detail and definition. The bass dives deeper and, above all, with more punch and articulation.

We particularly liked the analogue side, complete with the obvious neutrality.

This Tellurium Q Black Phono will make a perfect match with well-balanced systems and will please audiophiles looking for an authentic sound. The value for money is exceptional!


Description: phono cable

Length: 1 m

Connectors: Gold RCA

Ground cable: Gold-plated connector

Resistance: Low

Direction: mono

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Superbe !!!

Je possède un système vintage ampli-préampli Nakamichi CA5-EII et PA5-EII Stasis, des enceintes JMR M 45 difficile à driver avec une platine Pro-ject RPM 9 / Cadenza blue. Le Tellurium Q Black m'a apporté une belle ouverture de scène avec détaille et précision. La grande clarté du médium et de l'aigu est vraiment très agréable et surprenant, les basses sont nettes et bien articulés, le tout bien maitrisé. J'ai l'impression d'avoir changé mes enceintes. Je recommande. Encore merci


Câble phono Tellurium Q Black II

Excellent câbles, les aigus et les médiums sont détaillés et fins, les graves, eux, sont secs et bien présents, sans alourdir la scène globale. Associé à une TD 126 et un VIDA. PRIMA. Encore merci à Ma Platine pour leurs conseils et l'écoute !

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Tellurium Q Black phono cable

Tellurium Q Black phono cable

Phono cable

RCA connectors

+ grounding cable with set of bi-wire jumpers

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