Tellurium Q Blue RCA interconnect cable


Gold-plated RCA connectors

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Manufacturer : TELLURIUM Q

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The Tellurium Q Blue interconnect cable may be the British brand’s entry-level cable, but it still features the majority of Tellurium Q’s trademark distinctive audio characteristics.

Tellurium Q Blue (interconnect): features

For example, this Tellurium Q interconnect cable boasts the range’s signature blue sheath.

Its Neutrik gold-plated RCA connectors are simple but effective, to the extent that many other respected manufacturers now use them for the excellent contact and value for money they offer.

And the same applies to the symmetrical version of this cable, which uses the excellent Neutrik XLR connectors and, of course, fully symmetrical conductors.

Tellurium Q Blue (interconnect): listening and review

The Tellurium Q Blue delivers a highly neutral and controlled sound quality. It prioritises timbre and substance over the clinical sound offered by some of its rivals. The overall sound quality is very analogue, in the best sense of the word, and enjoyable to listen to!

We recommend using this interconnect cable with systems that are too clear, bordering on harsh, and lack presence. We also recommend using it with the Tellurium Q Blue phono cable and Tellurium Q Blue speaker cable.

The Tellurium Q Blue RCA interconnect cable boasts remarkable value for money. We highly recommended it!


Hi-Fi Choice Recommended


Description: interconnect cable

Length: 1 m

Connectors: Gold-plated RCA

Resistance: Low

Direction: mono

Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

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Hi-Fi Choice

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Tellurium Q Blue RCA interconnect cable

Tellurium Q Blue RCA interconnect cable


Gold-plated RCA connectors

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