Tellurium Q Blue phono cable

Phono Cable
RCA connectors
+ grounding cable with set of bi-wire jumpers

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Manufacturer : TELLURIUM Q

239,00 €

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During previous tests, we enjoyed Tellurium Q's loudspeaker and interconnect cable range. The very promising phono range was yet to be tested!

Like all the manufacturer's products, the Tellurium Q Blue phono cable has an understated design. But we immediately sense that it has been significantly optimised. I love the blue sheath and the heat-sealed finishes are perfectly crafted. It is a no-nonsense product with the bare essentials that has been thoroughly tested and compared. The RCA connectors are quite standard with excellent clamping and they have been selected to perfectly meet phono cable resistance and capacitance specifications. In fact, let us not forget that the output signal of an MC cartridge is only a few millivolts, and even 10ths of millivolts! A far cry from the signal stemming from a CD player! Tellurium Q has worked on the quality of its conductors, their structure and shielding. And they intend to develop a specific cable for less than €300. Note that a floating shield screen must be used, since this cable indicates a connection direction (purple sleeves preamp side). A high-quality ground cable with bi-wire jumpers is supplied.

We paired it with an MM cartridge (Ortofon 2M Black) and an MC cartridge (Hana EL). The same characteristics were delivered in both setups. This Tellurium Q Blue Phono focuses on timbre and substance. It seems to slightly mellow down the sound. In fact, some harshnesses on various recordings have disappeared or have been slightly ironed out. It does not affect the definition and dynamics. The sound is warmer than usual. This cable emphasises the analogue quality, allowing for a great presence and excellent timbre for the vocals, brass and string sections. It is quite impressive on the wide and deep soundstage. The overall balance is fairly neutral. Let's not forget that Tellurium Q is originally intended for the professional industry and that their products always strive for ultimate fidelity! After a couple hours of testing, we have adopted it and have forgotten about its price, which seems way below its musicality …

This great cable is amazing value for money!
We highly recommended it!


Description: Phono cable

Length: 1 m
Connectors: Gold RCA
Ground cable: Spade terminal
Resistance: Low
Direction: mono

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Doux sur les duretés mais défini, à l'image profonde et assez large. Ce câble me parait naturel et il se fait oublier. L'émotion est là.

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Tellurium Q Blue phono cable

Tellurium Q Blue phono cable

Phono Cable
RCA connectors
+ grounding cable with set of bi-wire jumpers

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