GRAHAM SLEE PSU 1 power supply

Alimentation GRAHAM SLEE PSU 1 +

Optional power supply for Graham Slee phono preamp
24v DC
Made in UK

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Manufacturer : GRAHAM SLEE

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The Graham Slee PSU1 power supply unit is a surefire solution for improving the performance of your Graham Slee phono preamp.


The benefits of a high quality power supply on audio equipment have been proven time and time again. And these benefits become even more obvious when the signal is low and sensitive. Which is the case for signal that is run through a phono preamplifier.
When you replace the original power supply, the difference is stark. The overall sound quality is more even, cohesive and quiet, and the sound stage is more precise and beautiful.

We highly recommended it!


24 V DC power supply

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


En route vers des fonds noir

Ayant depuis deux ans l'alimentation classique avec un pre-phono graham slee reflex c, je me demandais si l'acquisition du PSU 1 apporterait une réelle plus-value à mon système.
Je suis très satisfait de cette alimentation, qui pousse un peu plus loin les extensions des notes, donne plus de couleurs aux timbres, expose davantage chaque transitoire. A la source de cela, un silence plus affirmé lorsque la cellule arpente le disque. Il manque encore un petit quelque chose pour aller vers le noir absolu. Ma recherche continue donc...

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GRAHAM SLEE PSU 1 power supply

GRAHAM SLEE PSU 1 power supply

Optional power supply for Graham Slee phono preamp
24v DC
Made in UK

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