Gigawatt PF-1 EVO + power strip

Power strip

6 Schuko sockets

Metal casing against RFI and EMI interferences

Power Sync+ or LC-2 EVO power cables

Cables length: 1.5m

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Manufacturer : GIGAWATT

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The Gigawatt PF-1 EVO + power strip is a high end version of the Gigawatt PF-1e power strip. The quality of the materials and components has been largely improved. The construction of the circuit board is based on solutions used in the EVO series of power conditioners of the manufacturer.

The chassis is made in massive steel. It creates a perfect shielding, protecting the filter and the power distribution from RFI interferences. The main connection is established though a high end IEC socket, enabling to connect any power cable of quality. However, Gigawatt delivers this power strip with an excellent power cable of a length of 1.5 m.

The Gigawatt PF-1 EVO + power strip is equipped with six high quality GigaWatt G-040 Schuko sockets. They are designed and manufactured by the brand itself. The brass connectors of those sockets have been silver plated (thick layer), without the use of intermediary materials such as copper or nickel. This enables to reduce the series resistance and increase the voltage accepted. The sockets have also undergone cryogenic modifications and a demagnetizing process.

The distortion is eliminated by a RLC filtering block. It is manufactured using metal polyester capacitors with low inductance and an IP (Iron Powder) filtering core. All components of the filters are soldered to a massive PCB with large cross-section of the traces and with silver solder. Gigawatt have also avoided using traditional protective components such as thermal fuses or contact breakers. Indeed, these limit the current flowing towards the protected device. This in consequence, flanges the dynamics and masks the details. On this Gigawatt PF-1 power strip, the protection against surges and over-current is guaranteed by a multi-stage protection circuit. It is composed of plasma sparks and new generation of UltraMoV varistors. These components, combined with a quality architecture and a well designed power grid enable to limit surges without limiting the potential of the components of the Hi-Fi system. The Gigawatt PF-1 EVO + uses an innovating current distribution system that is proprietary to Gigawatt. It is based on massive power distribution bars (30mm²), made out of polished, cathode copper slabs (Cu-ETP) of high purity. This system distributes the current directly to each pair of output sockets, using crimped and screwed tightened connections as well as a star wiring made from electrolytic copper wires with a section of 2.5mm².

With the Gigawatt Power Sync+ power cable, this PF-1 EVO + power strip offers performances of high quality and can be combined without any fear with very high end systems, without harming the musicality. On the contrary, they enable to obtain better dynamics and a superior definition. Furthermore, the soundstage is more precise and the distortion seems to have decreased.

With the Gigawatt LC-2 EVO power cable, the bass gains in depth and impact. The high end of the spectrum becomes more smooth, all while offering a better definition.

Highly recommended!

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Socket types: Schuko

Number of sockets: 6

Protection: RFI and EMI interferences

Voltage: 220-240 VAC 50/60

Maximal output power: 3 680 W

Maximal current load: 16 A

Absorbed impulse current: 13 000 A

Power cable: Gigawatt LC-1 EVO or LC-2 EVO

Cable length: 1.5m

Dimensions: 420 x 75 x 57 mm

Weight: 3.05 kg

Gigawatt cable:

Connectors: UE (Schuko) and IEC

Line voltage: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Maximal load (continuous): 16 A

Length: 1.5 m

Weight: 0.70 kg



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Gigawatt PF-1 EVO + power strip

Gigawatt PF-1 EVO + power strip

Power strip

6 Schuko sockets

Metal casing against RFI and EMI interferences

Power Sync+ or LC-2 EVO power cables

Cables length: 1.5m

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