Gigawatt PF-1e power strip

Power strip

6 Schuko sockets

Metal casing against RFI and EMI interferences

With or without power cable (1.5m)

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Manufacturer : GIGAWATT

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The Gigawatt PF-1e power strip is a simplified and economical version of the Gigawatt PF-1 power strip. Its main filter has a similar architecture which enables to offer the same level of protection to the connected devices. Savings were made on the quality of the components used.

However, the Gigawatt PF-1e is a high performing device which will do wonders in every audio-video system, even very high end systems. The architecture of the main anti-interference filter and the protection against surges remains unchanged compared to the Gigawatt PF-1 power strip. Interferences are blocked and eliminated by a RCL filter block. It was manufactured around high quality metal polyester capacitors with low inductance and an IP (Iron Powder) filtering core. All the components of the filter are mounted using silver solder on a thick circuit board with large traces.

In order to offer a flawless power as well as an excellent sound quality, the use of traditional protective components, such as thermal fuses or contact breakers, has been abandoned. Indeed, these components have a harmful influence on the sound as they throttle the current flowing towards the protected device. The protection against surges is based on a cascade of protective components such as plasma spark gaps and new generation of UltraMoV varistors. This setup guarantees a complete protection against surges and over-current without flanging the dynamics nor erasing the details.

The casing of the power strip is completely made out of massive metal. It also constitutes a shield perfectly protecting from RFI and EMI interferences.

The internal wiring is made from 2.5 mm in diameter copper conductors. The Gigawatt PF-1e power strip offers 6 Schuko sockets enabling you to choose the way to plug your devices. This power strip offers a precise and dynamic restitution. Everything seems much more clearer. Adding the Gigawatt Power Sync+ power cableenables to fully optimize the performances of this Gigawatt PF-1e power strip!

Highly recommended!


Number of sockets: 6

Protection: RFI And EMI interferences

Voltage: 220-240 VAC 50/60

Maximal output power: 3 500 W

Maximal current load: 16 A

Absorbed impulse current: 13 000 A

Dimensions: 420 x 75 x 57 mm

Gross weight: 3,10 kg

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Customer reviews


ça marche !!!

Dubitatif dans le choix du produit au départ, un petit coup de téléphone à Ma Platine, je suis leur conseil une nouvelle fois et ..... Incroyable, dès les premières notes on entend une différence : mon système a gagné en clarté, un voile a disparu, la musique est plus posée, j'entends plus de choses.
Avant je n'étais pas convaincu par l'utilité de produit de ce type (malgré le respect de la phase des câbles) , maintenant, je ne reviendrai pas en arrière.
Alexandre B.

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Gigawatt PF-1e power strip

Gigawatt PF-1e power strip

Power strip

6 Schuko sockets

Metal casing against RFI and EMI interferences

With or without power cable (1.5m)

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