Supra Mainblock MD 04 power strip

Power strip

4 EU sockets

Cable not included

Made in Sweden

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Manufacturer : SUPRA

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The Supra Mainblock MD 04 power strip is the most affordable product of this range of the Swedish manufacturer.

Supra Mainblock MD 04: casing

The casing of the Supra Mainblock MD 04 is in aluminium. It is fully shielded and connected to the ground potential, which enables to eliminate internal interferences towards ground. This method also prevents RFI waves from penetrating into the power strip. For this to happen, the Supra Mainblock MD 04 has to be connected to a wall socket that is necessarily put to ground.

It is also advised to use a power cable of high quality and that it is known for its shielding qualities. Since Supra does not deliver any power cable with this power strip, we recommend for example the Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A power cable.

Supra Mainblock MD 04: sockets

The casing is made out of 4 sockets that are up to European standards compatible with Schuko plugs. Since the contact with ground is on the edge of the socket, it enables you to switch its positioning in order to plug your devices in perfect power phase.

The input connector is an IEC 320/10 amperes which serves to connect this Supra MD 04 power strip to standard power cables.

Three of the four sockets available have non-intrusive filtering (NIF) developed by Ben Duncan Research in the United Kingdom. This high frequency non-intrusive filter is made to efficiently remove radio frequency interferences (RFI). However, it does not flange the dynamics nor mask the details.

Supra Mainblock MD 04: listening and review

The Supra Mainblock MD 04 effect varies according to the environment and the devices that are connect to it. However, in all cases, the restitution seems cleaner and quieter compared to a standard power strip from Castorama (a French retail chain that specializes in decoration and handiwork materials).

The transparency is also superior and the clarity is slightly improved.

The Supra Mainblock MD 04 power strip is a sure value and comes at an affordable price!


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Maximal current: 10 amperes

Maximal voltage: 250 volts

Maximal load: 2,3 kW

Sector frequency: 50 Hz

Power supply plug: IEC-320/10 amperes

Internal cable: 2,5 mm²

Number of sockets: 4 (1 intrusive filter and 3 non-intrusive filter (NIF))

Fuse: 10 amperes

Filter: non-intrusive (up to 40 dB)

Accessories: wall mounting brackets



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qualite suedoise

achete pour dynamiser ma vieille chaine anglaise : SUGDEN, ROGERS,REGA,et cablee avec du FURUTECH,elle retrouve toute sa saveur britannique!!!! .un excellent produit comme d'habitude avec ce site qui m'est si famillier..merci a franck et son equipe.. michel

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Supra Mainblock MD 04 power strip

Supra Mainblock MD 04 power strip

Power strip

4 EU sockets

Cable not included

Made in Sweden

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