Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A power cable

Power supply cable

Gold 24K IEC and Schuko plug

3x 2.5 mm² copper/silver

10 amperes

Made in Sweden

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Manufacturer : SUPRA

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This Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A power cable is equipped with the SPC technology: “Silver plated copper”. This consists of treating the OFC copper with a silver electrolysis. In one word, the conductors are made out of very pure copper plated with a thin layer of silver. Supra announces that with a 2.5mm² section, these conductors are the most “powerful” in this price range.

This Supra cable is fully designed and assembled in the Supra factory, in Sweden!

Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A: screen

LoRad means “Low Radiation”. Indeed, the Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A power cable is equipped with a screen protecting the cable from electromagnetic interferences, and above all preventing it from radiating on devices located in proximity.

This shield protects your equipment from radiation and enables you to make the most out of your Hi-Fi equipment or video with the maximum of its potential.

Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A: conductors

Most power cables of quality have 4 conductors: one blue (neutral), one dark (phase), one yellow/green (ground), as well as a non-isolated cable in contact with the shielding screen. However, this set up is not up to ISO standards and does not pass the security tests because this conductor can damage the inside of the cable when it is regularly folded, moved, or manipulated.

Supra offers a better solution: the ground conductor is gained by a polyethylene semi-conductor. This one is electrically shielded but ensures the conduction to the screen!

Like with all shielded power cables, the LoRad 2.5 Silver 10A must be connected to a ground terminal in order to correctly ensure its functioning. IEC and Schuko plugs are of excellent quality. On this cable, Supra uses plated copper SW-EU or 24K. 

Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A: listening and review

It is immediately audible when you connect this power cable to a midrange CD playeramplifier or preamplifier.

This means that the restitution is clearer and more obvious, putting forward the small details. The dynamics are clearly improved, especially in the lows where you also gain in firmness and articulation. The stereo image and the soundstage seem to have gained in depth and realism.

When electromagnetic interferences are critical, it is advised to use this cable.

This Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A power cable benefits of an exceptional price/performance ratio! Highly recommended!


Hi-Fi Choice - Recommended


Principle: shielded power cable

Conductors: 3 x 2.5 mm²

Copper : silver plated OFC

Protection: magnetic and electromagnetic field

Plug: gold 24 K Schuko

Pin: gold 24 k IEC

Maximal tension: 250 v AC

Maximal intensity: 10 A



Hi-Fi Choice

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


très bonne isolation

Très bon câble d'alimentation pour monter en gamme en considération du câble d'origine.


Mon avis

J'utilise ce câble avec mon lecteur 6007 dans le cadre d'une écoute au casque Grado 225 et un ampli Project DS 2 B . Il y a une amélioration par rapport au câble d'origine. Il y a plus de détails, c'est plus net. Mais c'est sensiblement inférieur au câble Absolue Chambord que j'ai essayé par ailleurs. Ce dernier offre une enveloppe musicale plus cohérente et plus fluide. Certes le prix n'est pas le même!


ça change tout

Un des éléments qui sera le moins onéreux d'un système et qui change tout.
On gagne est transparence, en dynamique, en relief et la musique est vraiment plus belle et présente.
Comme déjà dit pour d'autres articles, "c'est comme si on enlevait un voile".
Ne pas hésiter.


Très bien pour le prix

Ça fait 1 mois que je le possède et je dois bien avouer que le gain par rapport à un câble d’origine est indéniable. Beaucoup plus de dynamique , plus de détails , de profondeur...scène sonore élargie. Après quelques heures de rodage,on gagne encore en douceur,finesse... Utilisé sur barrette Supra , avec câble mural Essential Tools, ampli Heed Élixir, enceintes Jean Marie Reynaud ,lecteur CD rega Appolo R, Thorens 166 mk1 cellule A-T-IL 540 ML. À recommander sans hésiter pour le prix.

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Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A power cable

Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A power cable

Power supply cable

Gold 24K IEC and Schuko plug

3x 2.5 mm² copper/silver

10 amperes

Made in Sweden

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