MoFi UltraPhono phono preamplifier

Compatible with MM and MC cartridges
Configurable gain and loading
Subsonic filter
Mono mode
Class A headphone amplifier
Made in the USA

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Manufacturer : MOFI

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To supplement its analogue offering, MoFi has developed an MM and MC phono preamp fitted with a headphone amplifier: the MoFi UltraPhono phono preamplifier! This is quite uncommon and clever, because this type of device is often needed by record-loving audiophiles!

MoFi UltraPhono : Chassis

As always, the US firm has a knack for finding the right partner! For the design of this phono stage, MoFi called on a famous player in the Hi-Fi industry, Tim Deparavicini, who is none other that the founder and designer of EAR Yoshino's prestigious electronic products!

MoFi's UltraPhono phono preamp has an unusual flat and long design!

Thanks to its reasonable size (10 x 17 x 3.2 cm), it will fit almost anywhere, provided the top of the system is clear.

The build quality is great, even better than other products in this price range.

MoFi UltraPhono Chassis

MoFi UltraPhono : Running and connection

The top has two push buttons. The one on the right controls the subsonic filter. It cuts the response in the sub-bass frequency and reduces any unwanted movement of the speaker's diaphragm in some layouts. Playback is more precise and cleaner in the bottom of the spectrum.

The second button activates a real mono mode! It works great with monophonic records and is unfortunately too rare with phono preamplifiers, and is even fully exclusive for a product of this range!

MoFi UltraPhono Button

As this phono stage includes a headphone amplifier function, it is normal to find a volume potentiometer to the far left and a gold-plated headphone plug (6.35 mm) on the front panel.

This headphone amp is definitely not a poorly designed gadget! It is a truly high-end amp that fully operates in class A. Its volume has 31 linear pitches and it was selected to minimise colouration.

The back panel has an RCA input and output pair, a ground plug and a 3-pin DIN connector for the external power supply.

MoFi UltraPhono Back of the product

MoFi UltraPhono : Settings

The underside has a DIP switch to select the gain (40, 46, 60 or 66 dB) and resistive load (75 ohms, 100 ohms, 500 ohms 1 kohms, 10 kohms and 47 kohms ).

MoFi UltraPhono Settings

MoFi UltraPhono : Listening and tesst review

Playback with this phono preamp is on a par with the MoFi StudioPhono.

This is only normal, as its has the same circuitry. We took a closer look at the headphone output that is quite amazing, I have to say!

It is on a par with the phono stage and does it justice. You can listen to music for hours without suffering any auditory fatigue.

Its quality and power make it compatible with a wide range of dynamic Hi-Fi headphones, even with pretentious models…

If we consider its capabilities as a phono preamplifier (MM, MC, mono, etc.), its quality and versatility as headphone amplifier, adjustments, versatility… and price, MoFi's UltraPhono phono preamplifier is definitely the deal of the moment!

We highly recommended it!


Compatibility: MM and MC

Mode: Mono and Stereo

Subsonic filter: < 20 Hz

Resistive loads: 75 ohms, 100 ohms, 500 ohms 1 kohm, 10 kohms and 47 kohms

MM/MC gains: 40, 46, 60, 66 dB

Distortion: MM 0.01, MC 0.012%

RIAA equalization: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Input: 1 RCA pair

Output: 1 RCA pair

Headphone amplifier: class A

Headphone output: 8 V Max / 1.5 w at 62 ohms (per channel)

Power supply: separate

Dimensions: 10 x 17 x 3.2 cm

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MoFi UltraPhono phono preamplifier

MoFi UltraPhono phono preamplifier

Compatible with MM and MC cartridges
Configurable gain and loading
Subsonic filter
Mono mode
Class A headphone amplifier
Made in the USA

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