Goldring 1042 Hi-Fi MM cartridge

MM moving magnet cartridge

Gyger S stylus

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Manufacturer : GOLDRING

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Goldring's 1000 series has persistently been popular among music lovers and audiophiles for over 30 years.

The Goldring 1042 MM cartridge is turning 30 and has not aged one bit! It is made up of highly efficient components.

Goldring 1042: features

The stylus has a super elliptical profile that is quite complex: the Gyger S. It delivers a crystal-clear treble.

Tracking is very precise, which minimises surface noise, as well as a very low distortion.

As always, Goldring uses very powerful magnets that provide this 1042 cartridge with a very high sensitivity and output level, over 6 mV!

Goldring 1042: listening and review

A minimum break-in period of 30 hours is recommended before the phono cartridge really performs to its best.

This Goldring 1042 boasts a very detailed sound quality, which is no doubt ascribable to the stylus profile!

The sound stage is very convincing and authentic. For many moving magnet cartridges, complex works are often delivered with some level of harshness and confusion!

With the Goldring 1042 these passages are very precise, with unparalleled softness.

No doubt that the Goldring 1042 MM cartridge is one of the two or three top MM cartridges on the market! Just can't recommend it enough! 


Frequency response +/-3dB: 20 Hz-20 kHz

Channel balance: 2 dB

Channel separation: 25 dB

Output: 6.5mV

Compliance: 16 mm/N

Stylus type: Gyger S

Stylus: D42GX

Load resistance: 47k

Load capacitance: 150-200 Pf

Internal inductance: 570 mH

Internal resistance: 660 Ohms

Tracking force: 1.5-2.0 g

Recommended tracking force: 1.75g

Weight: 6.3g

Vinyle&Audio - Goldring review

6.35 Mo - pdf

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Goldring 1042 Hi-Fi MM cartridge

Goldring 1042 Hi-Fi MM cartridge

MM moving magnet cartridge

Gyger S stylus

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