Grado Statement PLATINUM-3 MC cartridge

Low Output Moving Iron Cartridge

Australian Eucalyptus Wooden Body

Made in the USA

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Manufacturer : GRADO

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After a number of years of good and faithful service, Grado's 'Wood' range has been discontinued and replaced! All 'Statement' models now feature the suffix 3!

These are Moving Iron cartridges with less coil wire and with a low output, just under 1 mV. In fact, they are not MC cartridges either …They are just 'Grados'!

Grado Statement Platinum-3: body

From the outside, the difference with the former Statement Platinum version is obvious! The body is carved by hand from a beautiful block of Australian Eucalyptus wood.

It undergoes a process that hardens and stabilises it, thus reducing resonance.

This new variant is quite massive and its dimensions (1.5 x 2 x 3 cm) also justify its weight of 10 g.

Grado Statement Platinum-3: features

Grado designed a new generator based on the OTL principle. It uses 4 OTL pieces, combined with ultra high-purity long crystal (UHPLC) copper coils.

The generator/stylus module of this series does not allow for the replacement of the stylus, like on an MC cartridge. It enables the development of a magnetic circuit designed in a single piece, allowing for a significant reduction of chassis resonance.

The stylus on this Statement Platinum-3 cartridge is specifically designed for Grado with and elliptical profile. It is mounted to a brass cantilever.

The manufacturing and assembly processes use tighter tolerances on the Platinum than on the Sonata.

Grado Statement Platinum-3: association

The output level of 1.mV does not make it compatible with any old MM preamplifier!

Your preamp must have an adjustable gain (around 50 dB) as well as a loading of 47 000 Ohms.

Grado Statement Platinum-3: listening and review

It has the qualities of its high output counterpart, the Reference PLATINUM-3 MM cartridge.

This low output variant is however finer, with more definition and subtlety. The sound is less projected and less expressive…

This cartridge is more neutral and subtle than its high output counterpart.

We highly recommended it!


Output: 1.mV @ 5 CMV (45)

Frequency response: 15-55 KHZ

Channel separation: 30 dB 10-30 KHZ

Resistive load: 47 KOHMS

Capacitive load: Insensitive

Inductance: 30 mH

Stylus: Elliptical

Cantilever: Bronze

Resistance: 600 OHMS

Compliance: 22

Weight: 10 g

Tracking force: 1.5 to 1.9 g

Recommended force: 1.75g

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Grado Statement PLATINUM-3 MC cartridge

Grado Statement PLATINUM-3 MC cartridge

Low Output Moving Iron Cartridge

Australian Eucalyptus Wooden Body

Made in the USA

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