Audio Technica AT-33 EV MC cartridge

Moving coil cartridge

Low output MC

Elliptical stylus

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Manufacturer : AUDIO TECHNICA

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Audio Technica's AT33 EV is a step-up to the famous AT33 ANV, released as a limited edition in 2006 to celebrate Audio Technica's 45th anniversary. At the time, this cartridge was the very first MC cartridge in the series to feature a duralumin cantilever (aluminium and copper alloy). 

While retaining the technology developed on the Anniversary model, this AT-33EV has undergone many changes and improvements.

Audio Technica AT-33 EV: Body

It features its solid aluminium body with internal damping with extra synthetic Hanenite resin.

As with the manufacturer's entire range of MC cartridges, the coils have been doubled to reduce crosstalk and, hence, channel separation.

They use a high purity PCOCC copper conductor. It is wound to reduce internal impedance to 10 ohms only!

Audio Technica AT 33 EV - Cartridge

Audio Technica AT-33 EV: Needle

This Audio Technica AT-33 EV features a square elliptical stylus mounted integrally onto a Duralium cantilever.

It is tapered to optimise hardness and rigidity and thus improve information transmission.

The suspension was doubled and optimised to produce a better and very linear frequency response and better stability in the low frequencies.

Audio Technica AT-33 EV: Compatibility

The low impedance of 10 ohms, combined with the output level of 0.3 mV make this AT33 EV compatible with most MC preamplifiers.

We recommend a fifty-hour break-in period to get the full measure of the cartridge's capabilities (like with most MC models).

Audio Technica AT-33 EV: Listening and test review

From the opening bars, it is clear that this Audio Technica seems to favour neutrality and softness. It is not dark or dull in any way! Quite the opposite! It remains well articulated and vibrant on all registers.

The surface noise level is very low despite the use of a stylus with a relatively basic profile.

Leaving the mids (magical) and the treble (fabulous) aside, the main asset of this AT33 Ev is the bass! It delivers amazingly agile, tight and well articulated low frequencies. The double bass, cello and synth sections are distilled with extraordinary authenticity for a cartridge in this range.

The sonic performance and musicality make it compatible with any musical style.


If your turntable and your phono preamplifier are compatible, Audio Technica's AT33 EV cartridge could be your gateway into the moving coil world!

It could well be your first and last MC cartridge! Its value for money and playback quality are just amazing.


Type: Low output MC

Body: Aluminium/synthetic resin

Frequency response: 15 hz-20 kHz

Channel separation: 30 dB

Channel balance: 0.5 dB

Output voltage: 0.30 mV

VTA: 23°

Tracking force: 1.8/2.2g

Recommended tracking force: 2.0g

Stylus: Elliptical

Tip shape: MicroLinear

Assembly: Integral, square section

Cantilever: Duralium

Compliance: 10 x 10-6cm/dyne

Coils: PCOCC conductor

Connectors: Copper

Load impedance: 100 ohms

Internal impedance: 10 ohms

Coil inductance: 22 µH

Cartridge weight: 6.9 g

Mount: ½ inch screw

Height: 16 mm

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Audio Technica AT-33 EV MC cartridge

Audio Technica AT-33 EV MC cartridge

Moving coil cartridge

Low output MC

Elliptical stylus

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