Naim Audio Nait 5si integrated amplifier

2 x 60 W

5 analogue inputs

NARCOM-4 remote control 

Made in UK

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Manufacturer : NAIM AUDIO

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The Naim Audio Nait 5si amplifier is the successor of a long family of integrated amplifiers  which originated from the 80s with the Naim Audio NAIT and then the famous NAIT 2.

Today, this new generation replaces the Naim Audio NAIT 5i and proposes numerous technical modifications in order to offer even better performance.


As usual with the products from Salisbury’s manufacturer, the Naim Audio NAIT 5si offers a very sleek textured cast aluminium front panel in the best tradition of Naim Audio. The housing is made of non-magnetic aluminium.

We can find 4 buttons on the right to select the 4 analogue inputs, and an analogue headphone output in 6.35 mm Jack format in the centre. On the left there’s a large volume button, and that’s it!

The rest of the functions are available via the supplied remote control.


On the back of the device, there are 5 RCA inputs including two doubled in 5-pin Din. There’s also a fixed “Tape” RCA output. It’s simple… but effective.

On the right, an IEC cord is in charge of the power supply which allows later on an upgrade with a better quality power supply cable.


The Naim Audio NAIT 5si integrated amplifier has an announced power of 2 x 60 W at 8 ohms. It offers a real power of 90 W at 4 ohms thanks to a generous 300 vA power supply. Naim Audio’s technical challenge was to maximise performance without losing efficiency, reliability and music quality.

Furthermore, they propose a new class A unbalanced headphone amplifier and takes lots of technologies from different high-end Naim Audio products.

The Naim Audio NAIT 5si can be used in multichannel home cinema systems. Therefore, it can drive speakers from the left and right front channels by activating its AV Bypass mode. The AV Bypass mode allows a home cinema processor to take control of the signals’ volume connected to the Naim Audio NAIT 5si’s AV input. When the Bypass is activated and the AV input is selected, the volume control on the remote and the mute function are also deactivated.


From the first few measures, the Naim Audio NAIT 5si stands out for its enthusiasm, dynamism and spontaneousness no matter the source or the music style.

Another strong point is its ability to give presence and substance to music and notes. The timbres reproduction is excellent and gives a realism few electronic devices offer at this price. The transparency and accuracy are clearly present. We note in particular a beautiful clarity and a nice presence on vocals. This Naim Audio NAIT 5si integrated amplifier never shows aggressiveness or even auditory fatigue, even after several hours of playback. The soundstage is wide and remains accurate even on complex works.

We also note an excellent quality from the headphone output which is not a gadget at all and is completely usable, even with a high-quality headphone.

The Naim Audio NAIT 5si is a high-quality integrated amplifier which offers a rare musicality and realism.

Would recommend +++


Power 8 ohms: 2 x 60 W 

Power 4 ohms: 2 x 95 W

Transformer: 300 VA

Remote control: NARCOM-4

Frequency response: 10 Hz to 20 kHz

Input sensibility: 170 mV

Input impedance: 20 kohms

Line output level: 150 mV (100 ohms)

Din input: 2

RCA inputs: 4

By-Pass: 1 x AV

Headphone output: 1 x 6.35 mm

Headphone output impedance: 16-1000 ohms

Fixed RCA output: 1

Speaker output: stereo

Dimensions: 432 x 70 x 301 mm

Weight: 6.8 kg



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Naim Audio Nait 5si integrated amplifier

Naim Audio Nait 5si integrated amplifier

2 x 60 W

5 analogue inputs

NARCOM-4 remote control 

Made in UK

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