B&W 603 tower speakers

3-way speakers

Back Bass Reflex

Aluminium tweeter

FST 165 mm midrange speaker

Two 165 mm bass speakers

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Manufacturer : B&W

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The B&W 603 tower speaker is the only tower speaker offered by the manufacturer over this range, where competitors usually offer two.

This would suggest that the manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins has put all its technology and ambitions into this speaker. And upon close examination, it seems to be the case!


This Hi-Fi speaker offers dimensions quite generous for a speaker of this range. It is more than a meter high and more than 30 cm deep!

However, its 19 cm of font panel give it a “slim” look. To make it stable, it is based on a quite imposing base (37 x 32 cm) equipped with decoupling points.

The speaker, grille made of black or grey jersey following the finish (black or white), is held on the front panel by magnets. This prevents unsightly inserts from appearing once the grille is removed.


The B&W 603 is a true 3-way, equipped with 4 loudspeakers. The high frequencies are entrusted by a new 25 mm aluminium tweeter. It is an improved version of the decoupled double dome tweeter.

The resonance frequency has been pushed to 33 kHz to offer a beautiful clarity and definition without distortion.


The midrange is reproduced by a 150 mm FST speaker with Continuum cone. This speaker had been initially developed for the 800 range. It took Bowers & Wilkins more than 8 years to design it. It has higher performances than the Aramid fiber used for the previous 600 ranges.

With this matter, Bowers and Wilkins ensures a rendering in the midrange of an incomparable quality in transparency, dynamics and natural. This speaker is loaded in a closed volume separated from the low part.

The bass is entrusted by two 165 mm speakers. This speaker is loaded in Bass reflex with a Flowport ™ port that lead to the back of the speakers, above the gold-plated dual terminal.


The execution is pretty simple, even if care must be taken to keep these 603 tower speakers away from the wall and corners of the room.

We recommend you a good mono-wiring by replacing the original links by more serious versions or simple speaker cable. We got excellent results with the Audioquest Rocket 33 speaker cable.


The restitution is surprising by its breadth, natural and dynamics. The music fills the room with a remarkable surprising ease.

However, the spatialization remains precise and realistic. The midrange is very characteristic from the products of the British manufacturer. It is reproduced with clarity and presence with less coloration than the previous series.

The transparency is excellent and over all the bandwidth. The bass is very articulated and offers a superb excursion without trailing. Thrill seekers on this register will be delighted! We also find a superb treble, precise and without distortion or aggressiveness, even at high volume.

These Hi-Fi speakers will delight music lovers looking for a detailed, clear and alive restitution, with a convincing bass reproduction.

These B&W 603 tower speakers offer outstanding performances at a price that remains “affordable”. Recommended!


Principle: 3-way Bass reflex

Tweeter: 1 x 25 mm aluminum decoupled double dome

Midrange: 1 x 165 mm FST Continuum cone

Bass: 2 x 165 mm Paper

Port: Flowport ™

Frequency range: 29Hz and 33kHz -6dB

Frequency response: 48Hz - 28kHz ± 3dB

Sensitivity: 88.5 dB spl (2.83Vrms, 1m)

Nominal impedance: 8.0 Ω

Minimum impedance: 3.0 Ω

Recommended amplifier power: 30 W - 200 W

Dimensions: 985 x 190 x 340 mm

Weight: 24.1 kg per unit

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B&W 603 tower speakers

B&W 603 tower speakers

3-way speakers

Back Bass Reflex

Aluminium tweeter

FST 165 mm midrange speaker

Two 165 mm bass speakers

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