Grado SR225x Hi-Fi headphones

Dynamic open-back headphones

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The Grado SR225x headphones builds on all the elements that have made the New York-based brand so popular.

Grado SR225x: design

The vintage headband design makes these headphones quite unique.

The housing is cast in PVC, sufficiently inert to generate no unwanted vibration, and stiff enough to prevent mechanical distortion.

In true Grado tradition, these headphones are simple and understated.

For those of you who weren't convinced by the older Grado models, the ear pads on this new model have been significantly improved for comfort. The products are hand built in the company’s Brooklyn workshop.

Grado SR225x: features

The coil wiring of the transducers uses HPLC high purity copper conductors.

The support of the metal screen behind the diaphragm gives a 50% increase in the air displacement, making it swifter and even less sensitive to the housing, hence a greater neutrality in the timbres.

Even if it comprises the same diaphragms as the SR125, they are treated here with care and perfectly matched. This care gives the listening a much better sound stage and a less virtual placement of instruments. 

Grado SR225x: listening and review

It must be reported that this SR225 requires around forty hours of breaking in for the sound quality to be perfectly uniform. 

From the very first notes, the Grado sound signature can be recognised by the qualities of energy and brightness that have made the brand such a success.

The base is very taut as usual and very deep but with many more expressions than on the SR125.

The treble rises very high with no stress and shows no distortion or sharpness. It appears very difficult to beat on this criterion...

The sound quality is of outstanding fluidity as is found on headphones that cost three times as much! It must also be admitted that with a good preamp and a good source, the Grado SR225x headphones attains the performances of an audio system of several thousand euros...

Congratulations to John Grado for the incontrovertible success this can be considered as one of the best on the market. Highly recommended! 



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Type: dynamic

Operating principle: Open-back

Frequency response: 20 Hz/20 kHz

SPL 1 mW: 98 dB

Impedance: 32 ohms

Diaphragm: vented

Air chamber: Non resonant

Coil: UHPLC (High Purity Long Crystal) copper

Cable: standard copper



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Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Après plusieurs heures d'écoute, je peux donner mon avis, même si je pense pouvoir améliorer les performances déjà excellentes de mon Grado SR225e.
Visuellement, déjà, je trouve qu'il est vraiment beau et bien travaillé.
En main, rien à redire, il est très léger.
Sur la tête, on ne le sent à peine. Le réglage de taille est très efficace (pas de crans, deux tiges à ajuster).
Côté son, c'est superbe. Au début j'avais un peu de saturation sur les aigus à forte écoute, chose que je n'ai plus aujourd'hui.
Je l'ai branché sur un ampli Yamaha S-300 utilisé majoritairement avec ma platine vinyle Thorens TD170. Quelle précision!
Je ne suis pas expert en casque, mais je n'ai jamais pris autant de plaisir a écouter de la musique.

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Grado SR225x Hi-Fi headphones

Grado SR225x Hi-Fi headphones

Dynamic open-back headphones

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