Music Hall PA 1.2 phono preamplifier

MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

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It seems only natural that a renowned company like Music Hall would offer a phono preamplifier alongside its other excellent products. This preamp has been specifically designed for use with the MMF-2.2 and MMF-5.1 turntables.

Technically, the design is simple but effective. The aluminium casing provides excellent shielding from electromagnetic and electrical interference. The front panel has a blue LED light which indicates when it is switched on. On the back are two pairs of gold-plated RCA sockets (inputs/outputs), a ground plug and a button to switch between MM and MC. It isn’t adjustable, but its gain and resistive and capacitative loads make it fully compatible with 95% of cartridges available on the market. It has a 15V AC outboard power supply.

It couldn't be easier to operate - just plug an interconnect (not included) into your vinyl turntable IN socket and connect it to the PA 1.2, and then to the ‘Line’ or ‘Aux’ input of your amplifier. Don’t forget about the ground connector if your turntable has one.

Like with many other products, we recommend that you do not turn this preamp off, as it only reaches its full potential after a good half hour of operation. We had it switched on for 48 hours and broke it in with around ten records before judging the sound quality.

It had us gripped from the opening bars, with very low surface noise and breath that really lets even the smallest details shine through. Silences are totally respected, which gives real nuance and authenticity to the listening experience. The textures are tight and precise, particular when you consider that this product costs under €200! The bass is well articulated and full, and vocals sound very clear, without any accentuation of hissing sounds. The treble blends in very well, providing an excellent balance with the other registers and contributing to the overall neutrality.

This is an excellent phono preamplifier, and is a great option for owners of mid-range vinyl turntables looking for impressive neutrality and musicality at a price that won't break the bank. Highly recommended.


MM gain: 40 dB
MM input sensitivity: 5mV/1Khz

MM input impedance: 47 KOhms

MM capacitive load: 120 pF

MM distortion: < 0.01%

MM signal-to-noise ratio: -86 dB

MC gain: 60 dB

MC input sensitivity: 0.45mV/1Khz

MC load: 100 KOhms/120 pF

MC distortion: < 0.05 %

MC signal-to-noise ratio: -68 dB

RIAA curve accuracy: 0.5 dB from 20Hz to 20Khz

Power supply: outboard, 15V/300mA AC

Casing: Amagnetic aluminium

Dimensions: 107 x 55 x 155 cm

Weight: 750g with power supply

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Music Hall PA 1.2 phono preamplifier

Music Hall PA 1.2 phono preamplifier

MM/MC Phono Preamplifier

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