Pro-Ject Speed Box S Pro-Ject speed controller

High precision quartz-controlled turntable speed controller with a motor powered in 16 VAC

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The Pro-Ject Speed Box S Pro-Ject speed controller is replaced by the Pro-Ject Speed Box S2 speed controller.

The new Speed Box S replaces the famous Speed Box 2. It is ideal for entry-level and midrange vinyl turntables with a synchronous motor operating with a 16 V DC voltage. The latest variant features a new 18 V DC power supply unit. 


It comes in a non-magnetic metal housing with an aluminium front fascia. It includes a pulse switch for the selection of the playback speed (33/45 rpm) as well as two LEDs showing the active selection.


Its prime purpose is to allow (by changing the frequency) to change the speed of the motor and, therefore, to switch from 33 rpm to 45 rpm without going through the hassle of manually changing the belt from one pinion to the other (and not lifting the platter!). Very handy for those of you who own a collection of singles! However, it is not its sole purpose, because its quartz generator and microcontroller ensure an amazing stability for the motor rotation. Its precision of 0.001% leads to 5-fold speed stability. 


We soon connected it to a Pro-Ject 1-Xpression and 2-Xperience turntable. The results were quite convincing and seemed to exceed the previous version on all accounts: dynamics, transparency, finish of the note... The improvement in musicality is undeniable and the comfort of use make it essential!


Highly recommended with Debut 3, Essential 1, Genie 1.3, XPression II, III, RPM 4 and RPM 5, XPerience.

MusicHall 2.2, MusicHall 5.1, MusicHall 7.1 ...

CAUTION: Speed Box I, II and S are not compatible with the following DC motors: Debut Carbon, Debut Carbon Esprit, Debut Carbon USB, Xpression carbon, RPM1 Carbon, RPM3 Carbon, 2Xperience DC, 6Perspex Acryl DC ... etc


Quartz-controlled high precision speed controller and stabiliser.

Stability precision: +/- 0.001%

Speed changes: 33/45 rpm

Output: 16 v AC

Outboard power supply: 18 v DC.

Dimensions: 103x36x103 mm

Weight: 540 g.

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Speed box

Excellent produit pour les possesseurs de platines a courroie sans sélection de vitesse de rotation (45/33tours).


Un gadget?

Après discussion avec Franck j'ai sauté le pas.
Je connaissais la notion de pleurage mais je ne l'avais jamais entendu...ou plutôt je n'avais jamais écouté mes vinyles sans!!!
Pour le petit coté technique distillé par Franck notre 50hz ne l'ai pas ou n'est pas constant. Le speed box lui fabrique un 50Hz d'une précision chirurgicale car à son quartz et son contrôleur.
Il en résulte un que tout les instruments sonnent plus net, le grave gagne en matière, et les voix sont plus sublimes qu'auparavant.

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Pro-Ject Speed Box S Pro-Ject speed controller

Pro-Ject Speed Box S Pro-Ject speed controller

High precision quartz-controlled turntable speed controller with a motor powered in 16 VAC

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