VPI HR-X Mini Feet

HR-X feet - Sold in sets of 4

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The Mini Feet replace the aluminium spikes on Classic, Scout and Aries models. Their weight (450 g/unit) and their design contribute to improving the damping of the turntable. They are built in a Delrin/steel composite sandwich like the famous plinth of the also famous HR-X. Their base is supported by three microballs that minimise the point of contact with the support, therefore minimising vibration. This solution significantly reduces background noise and delivers a better definition. The bass is more precise and tighter. The overall sonic performance is clearer and natural and the sound stage is a lot wider and precise. One of the best upgrades available for your VPI and not the most expensive… We highly recommend it!


Sold in sets of 4

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VPI HR-X Mini Feet

VPI HR-X Mini Feet

HR-X feet - Sold in sets of 4

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