NUPRIME HPA-9 phono preamplifier/headphone amplifier

MM and MC phono preamplifier
Headphone amplifier
Line preamplifier
Remote control

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The NuPrime HPA-9 phono preamplifier/headphone amplifier is the “Swiss knife” that many music lovers have been waiting for. Indeed, it houses a real line preamplifier, including a MM and MC phono preamplifier as well as a class A headphone amplifier!

On the front panel of the NuPrime HPA-9 there is a button which serves as a source selector and a volume potentiometer. The front panel also includes 3 headphone outputs: 2 with a 6.35mm jack and another with a 3.5mm jack. You can either select a high or low gain based on the headphones used. The back panel has a convertible switch MM or MC phono input on the circuit of the NuPrime. There are also two line inputs and two stereo preamplifier outputs (out). There is an IEC power supply which means that a power cable of better quality can be connected.

The headphone amplification has been particularly optimized. The asymmetrical class A design and the non feedback output stage enable it to handle wide fluctuations and a large range of headphone impedances from 16 to 1000 ohms. The amplification circuit is composed of the very popular HITACHI 2SA872 and 2SC1775 transistors. These components were chosen due to their remarkable characteristics in terms of high current capability to power hard to drive Hi-Fi headphones, their very wide bandwidth and their low output capacitance.

The power supply is world class in this price range. The NuPrime HPA-9 phono preamplifier/headphone amplifier uses 12 capacitors of 2200 uF to form a capacitor bank array. Auxiliary capacitors are also included, adding up to a power supply capacitance of 30400 uF! Thanks to its power capacitance it is able to drive any headphones with high impedance.

For enthusiasts of vinyl, the included phono input is particularly efficient and even surprising on this type of device. It is compatible with MM cartridges and MC cartridges.

The technology employed in the NuPrime HPA-9 (transistor JFET) produces a sound similar to the one of a triode. It is characterized by a warm and neutral sound. The midrange is particularly rich and realistic. The unison of the restitution is natural and benefits of a very high resolution and a remarkable bandwidth. The bass is deep and particularly dynamic. Thanks to the bank array of capacitors which supplies an instant high power, combined to a class A design and a high impedance output stage, the NuPrime HPA-9 phono preamplifier/headphone amplifier is capable of easily making function all audio headphones with a remarkable musicality. It is highly recommended for owners of quality Hi-Fi headphones that require a headphone amplifier that fully exploits their potential.

In addition, its preamplifier function enables it to be combined with the NUPRIME STA-9 stereo/mono power amplifier and to form a true audiophile Hi-Fi system with a musicality and versatility with no competitors.


Phono: MM and MC
Analogue inputs: 2
Analogue outputs: 2
3.5mm headphone output: 1
6.35mm headphone outputs: 2
Distortion: <-110 dB (1 kHz/ maximal gain)
Frequency response: 0 Hz to 200 KHz (-3dB)
Dimensions (L x H x D): 235 mm x 55 mm x 281 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg

Banc d'essai - Absolute Sound

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NUPRIME HPA-9 phono preamplifier/headphone amplifier

NUPRIME HPA-9 phono preamplifier/headphone amplifier

MM and MC phono preamplifier
Headphone amplifier
Line preamplifier
Remote control

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