Supra SC phono cable

Phono cable
RCA termination
Ground cable with spades
Made in Sweden

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For its fortieth anniversary, Supra, the Swedish Hi-Fi cable specialist has developed a good competitively-priced cable: the Supra SC phono cable. It has a light blue jacket that is now Supra's signature feature. The cable has great 24k gold-plated RCA-SC plugs that offer great contact and conductivity. They also make for great mechanical resistance and optimum shielding. This phono cable is symmetrical. It uses similar positive and negative signal conductors. The conductors comprise 19 twisted copper strands (OFC 5N). The cable has very low capacitance and resistance (52 pF, 72 ohms/m). Supra guarantees a transfer speed 0.66 times the speed of light!

It has a carbon/nylon shield. It has a floating structure, which explains that the cable is directional. There is an arrow on the jacket showing the connection direction: from the turntable to the preamp. The shield guarantees perfect immunity to noise and electromagnetic interference. The silent operation makes this cable compatible with MM and MC cartridges alike. Also note that its low capacitance results in a better transient response.

This Supra SC phono cable is a great deal at this price. We were amazed by the reproduction, that is far superior to the phono cable that comes as standard with most vinyl turntables. The dynamics, details and precision are dramatically improved. The overall timbre is very realistic. The soundstage is quite expressive for a product in this price range. In fact, no matter how hard I try, I can't find a defect! It is one of the 2 or 3 best options to upgrade entry-level turntables with an RCA output.

Would recommend!


Principle: phono cable

Audio connections: RCA-SC 24k gold

Ground termination: spades

Sheath: blue PVC

Insulator: PE polyethylene

Conductors: 19 twisted OFC 5N copper strands per lead (2)

Conductor diameter: 0.24 mm²

Shield: carbon/nylon

Capacitance: 52 pF/m

Resistance: 72 ohms

Transfer speed: 0.66 times the speed of light

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Supra SC phono cable

Supra SC phono cable

Phono cable
RCA termination
Ground cable with spades
Made in Sweden

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