Audio Technica AT F2 MC cartridge

Low output MC cartridge

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This new Audio Technica AT F2 MC cartridge attempts to make moving coil products accessible to all audiophiles out there! Despite its competitive price, its technology and musicality are a match to its older sibling, the Audio Technica AT F7 MC cartridge.

Audio Technica AT F2: Generator

The generator of the AT-F2 relies on a structure with fully separate cylindrical coils for the left and right channels.

The output voltage is thus generated independently on each channel and minimises crosstalk. It provides great channel separation and superb stereo image.

Audio Technica AT F2 - Cartridge

Audio Technica AT F2: Needle

The coils are arranged in an inverted V shape, hence reducing the mass processed by the needle.

The coils are associated with an aluminium cantilever fitted with an elliptical stylus (curvature radii: 7.6 x 17.8 μ).

The cantilever is held by a stainless steel suspension wire with a diameter of 0.07 mm. It also features on Audio Technica's higher end models. It plays an important part in the audio signal transfer and keeps the bearing stable. 

Audio Technica AT F2: Listening and test review

Audio Technica's AT F2 MC cartridge exhibits a sonic performance that is close to its big sister.

It has good clarity combined with excellent definition across the entire spectrum.

The mids are precise and very expressive. The focus is great and the soundstage is very convincing.

It has the subtleness of MC cartridges.

For its price, this Audio Technica cartridge has a great sound quality. In regards to some parameters, it could be compared with more ambitious phono cartridges, especially moving magnet models.

Its mass and compliance make it compatible with small good quality turntables, provided you have an MC phono preamplifier.

This Audio Technica AT F2 is amazing value for money!

Would recommend!


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Type: Low output MC

Housing: aluminium/synthetic resin

Frequency response: 15 Hz-30 kHz

Channel separation: 25 dB

Channel balance: 1.5 dB

Output voltage: 0.32 mV

VTA: 23°

Tracking force: 1.8/2.2 g

Recommended tracking force: 2.0 g

Stylus: elliptical

Tip shape: 0.3 x 0.7 mm

Assembly: integral, square section

Cantilever: aluminium

Compliance: 16 (10 Hz)

Coils: PCOCC conductors

Connectors: copper

Recommended loading: 100 ohms minimum

Coil impedance: 12 ohms

Coil inductance: 25 µH

Cartridge weight: 5 g

Mount: ½ inch screw

Height: 17.3 mm



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Pas trop mal

Je trouve que le rendu manque de Basse je suis un peu déçue mais dans l’ensemble une bonne restitution


belle écoute

J'ai investi dans cette cellule pour donner un coup de jeune à une vielle Thorens 318. Le résultat dépasse mes espérances. Beaucoup de détails, beaucoup d'ouverture, un son très présent avec des basses propres et bien présentes. La scène sonore est large. Avec des vinyles propres c'est un régal.

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Audio Technica AT F2 MC cartridge

Audio Technica AT F2 MC cartridge

Low output MC cartridge

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