Cambridge Audio CP2 phono preamplifier

MM and MC Phono Preamplifier
Balance adjustment
Subsonic filter

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The Cambridge CP2 phono preamplifier replaces the now famous AZUR 651 P. It is derived from the manufacturer's design and build quality. Its price makes it ideal for mid-range turntables fitted with moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) cartridges.


Irrespective of its price, this phono preamplifier comes in a beautiful non-magnetic metal housing also treated against vibration. It features a pretty brushed aluminium front panel adorned with a LED and single push button (ON/OFF). The rear panel features two pairs of gold-plated RCA input connectors (one MM and one MC) and a pair of RCA output connectors to the amplifier. There is also a ground plug for the turntable's ground connector and a plug for the 16V outboard power supply. Two switches are used to select between MM and MC and activate the subwoofer filter. There is also an exclusive potentiometer that controls the channel balance. According to Cambridge Audio, it can correct imbalance between the channels caused by poor cartridge alignment. Anyway, we think that it is best to align the cartridge properly than having to rely on this 'magical' potentiometer!

Inside, the circuit makes room for components. The structure is entirely dual mono. Chemical capacitors are dedicated to the power supply. Polypropylene WIMA audiophile capacitances are used on the audio signal path. It is safe to say that this CP2 phono preamplifier is oozing with technology!


From the opening bars, you can hear Cambridge Audio's signature sound. Whether used with an MM or MC cartridge, the sonic performance is punchy, transparent and very detailed. There is no over-harshness or exaggeration in the high frequencies. The bass is ample and showcases the deepness and width of the soundstage. The timbre is very authentic and playback is very subtle, irrespective of the type of music you are playing. 


A great phono preamplifier with more than one string to its bow and very competitively priced. We highly recommended it!


MM gain at 1 kHz: 39 dB
MC gain at 1 kHz: 55 dB
MM input impedance: 47 kOhms
MC input impedance: 100 Ohms
Input capacitance: 220 pF
RIAA accuracy: < +/- 0.3 dB
Output: 300 mV
Average input sensitivity: 3.35 mV
Signal-to-noise ratio: > 86 dB (MM), > 72 dB (MC)
Crosstalk: > 83 dB (MM), 69 dB (MC)
Distortion: 0.009%
Max consumption: 5w
Dimensions: 46 x 215 x 133mm
Weight: 0.9kg

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Cambridge Audio CP2 phono preamplifier

Cambridge Audio CP2 phono preamplifier

MM and MC Phono Preamplifier
Balance adjustment
Subsonic filter

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