TRANSROTOR DARKSTAR manual turntable

Turntable with a 9" S-shaped tonearm and MM cartridge


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Aficionados are well aware of the ritual of removing a turntable from its package and how exciting it is… And setting up a JR Transrotor turntable is no exception!

This DARKSTAR uses no suspension or damping system. Like on its entire lineup, Transrotor relies on a combination of mass technology, dense and neutral materials. The chassis and platter of the DARKSTAR are constructed of POM, i.e. polyoxymethylene for the chemists out there, and Delrin, the Dupont registered trademark, as most of us will know it. This resin combines many of the properties of metals and plastics, including strength, rigidity and resistance to impact, moisture and temperature. Its damping and anti-vibration abilities are similar to acrylic.


The DARKSTAR rests on three feet. The motor and tonearm bases are suspended.


The platter undergoes special treatment to reduce vibration and resonance stemming from the drive system. It is visible on the underside of the platter and features concentric ribbing. Its weight and design result in great inertia. The drive principle is quite standard. It comprises a belt and AC synchronous motor. As with most high-end turntables, there is no sub-platter and the belt just slips around the edge of the platter. The stainless steel drive spindle rests on a brass housing. The bearing comprises a ceramic ball-bearing.

The TR 800 S tonearm is from Jelco and, thus, looks very standard (probably because Jelco produces tonearms for Linn, Koetsu, Audioquest and other brands). It uses an S-shaped arm tube with oil damping. Setup is child's play! As the headhsell is removable and universal the cartridge can be replaced quickly and hassle-free.


The DARKSTAR comes with a great polished aluminium record clamp, Like most of Transrotor's products, this turntable is upgradable. It can be combined with a second Delrin sub-chassis, as well as an outboard power supply "Konstant 1" …

As with many rigid turntable models, setup is a paradigm of simplicity. Position the plinth and compensate for level using the front towers, position the motor, platter and belt and you're done! Let the music play!


Don't let the appearance of this JR TRANSROTOR fool you! Its musicality is definitely not dull or dark! Quite the opposite! It delivers a vibrant sound with a lot of substance. It picks up transient cues very quickly and clearly. This DARKSTAR will definitely keep you on your toes! The level of detail and transparency deliver the recording and mixing with great authenticity. The timbres are very authentic and rich. The noise level is very low, almost inaudible. The overall neutrality makes this turntable readily compatible with many MM and MC cartridges and phono preamplifiers.


JR Transrotor's DarkStar is a great turntable on all accounts: design, musicality, versatility, etc. This product has great value for money and you won't regret your investment. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Haute-Fidélité - Meilleur Achat - 2017


Principle: Rigid turntable

Plinth: Black acrylic, thickness 30 mm

Platter: Black PYTC, thickness 60 mm

Platter: Synchronous AC

Motor drive: Belt drive

Speeds: 33 rpm and 45 rpm

Spindle: Stainless steel

Bearing housing: Bronze

Bearing: Ceramic ball

Tonearm: Tr 800 S

Record clamp: Aluminium

Cartridge: TR Uccello MM

Dimensions: 46 x 34 cm

Height: 18 cm

Weight: 24 kg

Banc d'essai

0.24 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Diapason

0.91 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Haute-Fidélité

1.87 Mo - pdf



Haute Fidélité

Meilleur achat - 2017
Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Etant un vieux de la vieille, j'ai possédé un grand nombre de platines, Le Tallec, Micro Seiki, Verdier, RPM9 + base et de très bonne cellule ma dernière étant une Koetsu Rosewood Signature, et après 5 ans d'arrêt j'ai décidé de faire un retour sur le vinyle.
J'ai choisi cette platine pour son look, la matière pour sa fabrication (POM), sa facilité de mise en oeuvre en autre et je dois dire que je ne suis pas déçu.
La qualité de finition est superbe, tout est vraiment très "propre", ce qui m'a surpris également c'est la rotation du plateau qui tourne très longtemps avant arrêt (sans courroie bien sûr) preuve d'une fabrication de haut niveau du palier.
Je dois dire que j'ai remplacé la cellule Uccelo par une Ortofon Cadenza Blue bien plus en accord avec cette platine et même si celle-ci n'est pas encore rodé le résultat d'écoute est vraiment excellent.
Ce qui prime c'est le naturel des instruments, des voies, une épaisseur avec effet 3D, une plénitude de tous les sons, bref c'est charnel, je dirais que ça possède une âme que je ne retrouve pas sur CD (lecteur pourtant THG).
Bien sûr si possible à marier avec des éléments du même niveau pour un ensemble vraiment magique.
Merci à Franck et Olivier pour leurs conseils.

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TRANSROTOR DARKSTAR manual turntable

TRANSROTOR DARKSTAR manual turntable

Turntable with a 9" S-shaped tonearm and MM cartridge


The bonus: all our turntables are set up and tested before shipping!


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