Atoll DAC300 DAC

32/768 Khz Sabre DAC

USB input

Optical and Coax

Audiophile components

Made in France

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The Atoll DAC300 DAC is the most ambitious converter from the francophone manufacturer. It takes up the aesthetic and finish of the “Signature” products of the manufacturer.


On this DAC300, we find a beautiful front panel made of black or natural brushed aluminium, with curved edges.

In the middle of this one, there is a low-power consumption OLED screen. It gives source information, and the sampling frequency of the listened track as well.

To the right and left of the front panel, there is an on/off selector and a source selector. A 3.5 mm Jack headphone output is located on the left side of the display.


At the back of the DAC300, there is a plethora of connections!

There are 9 digital outputs: 3 SPDIF in RCA format, 3 optical Toslink, 1 USB, 1 AES/EBU in XLR and 1 Bluetooth.

The RCA asymmetrical outputs are doubled by XLR symmetrical ones. Atoll added to these 2 coaxial and digital outputs.


Once the cover is removed, there is N/A conversion chip of a professional origin: the SABRE ES9038 (32 bits/768 kHz). It is able to deal with information in PCM up to 768 kHz! It is associated with an ultra-high precision low Jitter clock.

Note that the SPDIF inputs can support the PCM up to 192 kHz and the USB-B can convert the PCM up to 768 kHz, and the DSD 64, 128, 256 and 512!

The output voltages are symmetrical, as well as the power supply of the output audio stages (3 low-noise transformers).

Atoll uses 12 independent voltages regulations. The output stages use discreet components, with no zero-feedback and class A polarized.

All of the connecting capacitors are MKP technology and the high frequencies capacitors are silver Mica technology.


We connected it to the CD transport of the manufacturer, the Atoll DR200 Signature, and to the small Bluesound Node 2i network player.

In both cases, the restitution impressed us by its transparency and absence of coloration. On HD Qobuz files, we felt like we had removed a cloth in front of our Hi-Fi speakers.

The instruments are much more clear and their placement is completely evident. The sound stage is precise and very spacious. The dynamic is remarkable and the tempo is entirely controlled.

We also notice that the mixing effects or hall ambiances are much more present, that gives a better realism on concert recording.

The silences are perfectly respected and the least signal is processed with nuance and fineness. The bass is particularly articulated and dynamic, clearly favoring the realism of the restitution.

The Atoll DAC300 DAC is a real success and will delight the most demanding music lovers who want to significantly upgrade their digital sources. And its price is very competitive towards a competition that generally does not offers as much versatility and musicality!



Haute Fidélité - Meilleur achat 2019 (2019 Best Buy)


Converter: Sabre ES9038PRO (32 bits/768kHz)

Dynamic: 137dB

Distortion: -122dB

Clock: ultra-high precision low Jitter clock

Symmetrical output voltage

Very low noise SABRE ES9311EQ power supply (<1µVrms)

Symmetrical power supply of the output audio stages (low noise transformers)

Regulations: 12 independent voltages

Output stages: class A

Connecting capacitors: MKP

High frequencies capacitors: Silver Mica

SPDIF inputs: PCM up to 192 kHz

USB-B: up to 768 kHz for the PCM and 64, 128, 256 and 512 for the DSDs

Coaxial inputs: 3

Optical inputs: 3

Bluetooth inputs: 1

AES/EBU input: 1

USB-B input: 1

Coaxial output: 1

Optical output: 1

3 analogical outputs:
- Stereo asymmetrical output: 1 x RCA
- Stereo asymmetrical output: 1 x XLR
- Headphone output: 1 x 3.5mm

Remote control: global, in series

Display: Low consumption OLED

Dimensions: 440 x 280 x 60 mm

Weight: about 4 kg

Banc d'essai - Vumetre

2.13 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Haute Fidélité

0.91 Mo - pdf



Haute Fidélité

Meilleur achat - 2019
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Customer reviews


Un excellent DAC!

Acquis depuis peu sur ce site, ce DAC offre une écoute d'emblée dynamique, ouverte, fine et dense. La scène sonore est superbe, large, aérée, profonde et très précise dans le placement des musiciens et des voix. Il est transparent sans être éthéré et les timbres ont une présence remarquable. Ça chante, ça swingue naturellement du grave profond à l’extrême aigu sans que l'on se pose 10 000 questions. Des bémols dans ce concert de louanges ? Pas vraiment, sinon, pour vraiment chercher la petite bête, j'aurais aimé un plus de suavité dans le médium. Mais l'appareil est neuf et les choses semblent s'améliorer au fil des écoutes. Les différents filtres numériques ne m'ont pas paru très probants non plus. L'appareil n'est pas donné mais, au regard de ses performances musicales, le rapport qualité/prix reste très favorable pour ne pas dire plus. J'ai écouté des DAC beaucoup plus chers et beaucoup moins chantants. Et puis, il est (très bien) fabriqué en France, par des gens qui ont manifestement de très bonnes oreilles. Surtout, il faut lui associer une source, lecteur cd ou réseau de très haut niveau et les enregistrements qui vont avec. Il n'améliore pas les mauvaises prises de son, il en révèlera même tous les défauts avec acuité, mais sur les bonnes, c'est un pur plaisir. Bravo à ses concepteurs!

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Atoll DAC300 DAC

Atoll DAC300 DAC

32/768 Khz Sabre DAC

USB input

Optical and Coax

Audiophile components

Made in France

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