Atoll DR200 Signature CD drive

Pure CD drive

Teac mechanism

Made in France

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This Atoll DR200 Signature CD drive successfully completes the range of integrated amplifiers of the manufacturer, the IN200 Signature and the IN300 Signature.


Once the cover is removed, we can note that the manufacturer has optimized this device in order to offer the most qualitative playback. All the mechanical elements are optimized in order to reduce significantly the Jitter.

Atoll has chosen a pure audio mechanic from the manufacturer TEAC. This one has been modified and treated by specific damping materials. It is compatible with CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs and MP3, WMA and AAC formats.

The chassis has been optimized too, against mechanical vibration. The mechanic is powered thanks to a regulated power supply with high capacity of current. Regarding to the digital signals, they are treated by a low-noise linear power supply.

The digital signals reformatting is supported by a LVDS circuit. It isolates the digital signals via a 1:1 transformer.


You can find an outstanding thick front panel in natural or black-brushed aluminum.

In the middle of this Atoll DR200 Signature is located the feed tray, and on both sides only 3 buttons that take up the basic functions of a CD player.

Under the tray, you can find a low-consumption OLED display. The all is sober and gives a real quality impression.


At the back, the DR200 Signature features a coaxial output on high-quality PTFE insulated RCA connector, a Toslink optical output and a AES/EBU output on 110 ohms XLR.

There is also a general power switch and a 10A Male IEC socket.


A remote is supplied as standard and controls all Atoll products (integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, tuner and DAC).

Furthermore, it features all the basic functions, such as the programming, random playback, repetition etc.


This CD drive offers remarkable performances and musicality, no matter the DAC associated. You can find the transparency and dynamics, important for the French manufacturer.

It brings a significant improving over all the settings regarding to the use of a standard CD player linked to a converter.

The AESBU output shows a clear difference, even if its coaxial connection is excellent. I do not advice the optical output that gives a less detailed and a more blurry restitution.

Linked to the Atoll IN300’S DAC, the results have been surprising in many points. On various tracks, it was difficult to tell the difference with a dematerialized file, even in 96 kHz...

Thanks to this Atoll DR200 Signature CD drive, the compact disc has always a bright future! A superb product... Recommended!


Mechanical elements: optimized in order to reduce significantly the Jitter

Mechanism: TEAC pure audio controlled and treated by specific anti-vibration materials

Chassis: treated against parasitic vibrations

Regulated power supply: high capacity of current only dedicated to the mechanism

Linear power supply: low noise only dedicated to digital signals treatment

Digital signals treatment: LVDS circuit (signals reformatting)

Digital signals insulation: by 1:1 transformer 1 dedicated to AES/EBU and S/PDIF signals

Compatibility: CD text

Display: Low consumption OLED

Supported disc type: CD, CD-R, CD-RW

Formats: MP3-WMA-AAC

Coaxial output: on high quality PTFE insulated connector

Optical output: Toslink

AES/EBU output: XLR 110 ohms

Banc d'essai - Vumetre

2.01 Mo - pdf

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Customer reviews


Super rapport q/p

Ma femme me l'a offert à Noël (malheureusement pas acheté chez ma platine où je suis client par ailleurs). Il remplace un ps audio en panne et dont je n'étais pas satisfait. Tout est mieux.L'aigu est très lumineux, le grave sec est profond,l'espace revit.Installez-le sur des pieds de qualité et, si possible, utilisez la liaison aes/ebu.

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Atoll DR200 Signature CD drive

Atoll DR200 Signature CD drive

Pure CD drive

Teac mechanism

Made in France

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