Purchase guide : turntables

Shopping guide: turntables

Need guidance to purchase High-Fidelity equipment for yourself or for someone?

maPlatine.com has developed this guide to help you choose a turntable that meets your needs and budget.


For a budget below €500

Here is a selection of three turntables from leading Hi-Fi brands (Rega and Pro-Ject share a highly attractive price in common).


Pro-Ject Essential turntable

The Essential turntable is the entry level model of the famous Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject. It is entirely made in Europe and features a refined design and is extremely easy to use. If you're looking for a turntable with an understated design and unparalleled sound quality within this price range, then the Essential is just exactly what you need. If you want to transfer your records onto a PC or MAC, then you'll want to opt for the USB variant.

Pro-Ject Essential turntable


REGA RP1 turntable

The RP1 turntable is a model of the leading Hi-Fi manufacturer REGA and was specially designed to be available to all. It flies the brand's flag and boasts an excellent quality-to-price ratio for efficient sound quality. It is important to note that it is entirely manufactured in the UK. It comes ready-setup with the famous Ortofon OM5 cartridge and delivers a vivid and textured sound. What's more, you can upgrade it with the High Performance Pack (includes a REGA Bias Hi-Fi cartridge, a high performance REGA belt and a felt wool platter mat) to match it with turntables that are worth double the price in terms of performance levels! The ideal birthday gift! In short, a product made in the UK with the signature REGA sound at an affordable price. A sound investment. Comes in white, titanium or anthracite, depending on your taste.

REGA RP1 turntable


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit turntable

The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit turntable is a beautiful manual turntable. The Austrian brand offers products with a very fine finish. You can choose from seven beautiful glossy finishes to satisfy your taste and to match with your home interior: white, black, grey, red, blue, green and yellow. It is also enhanced by a beautiful acrylic platter. Despite the focus on design, Pro-Ject does not neglect the technical aspect. In fact, this turntable comes with the famous Ortofon 2M Red cartridge and a carbon tonearm (unique within this price range) for a very high quality sound reproduction. The Debut Carbon Esprit will put a sparkle in your eyes and get your ears buzzing.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit turntable


For a budget between €500 and 850

Want to move up a notch into the next level? Want to indulge yourself for a budget between €500 and €850? Browse maPlatine.com's selection to find your ideal product.

1-XPRESSION III Comfort turntable

The 1-Xpression III Comfort turntable, a model of Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject, is a semi-automatic turntable, meaning that it has a switch to change playback speed automatically (33 rpm and 45 rpm). Its MDF plinth is coated with anthracite grey varnish that is a perfect match with the acrylic platter. This Pro-Ject turntable comes with the great Ortofon 2M Red Hi-Fi cartridge that delivers a clear and dynamic sound for a good listening quality. You will later be able to upgrade it with Pro-Ject Connect it phono cables.

Pro-Ject 1 X-pression III Comfort turntable


TD 295 MK IV turntable

The TD 295 MK IV is a model of the great Swiss turntable manufacturer Thorens. This turntable features a conventional design and comes in a silver, glossy black or an amazing mahogany finish. Nothing like a varnished wood platter to easily blend in with all types of interior decorations. It comes with the high quality Audio Technica AT95E cartridge. If you're a fan of classical music, then this turntable is ideal for you because of the amazing precision of the sound quality.

Thorens TD295 MK IV turntable


Pro-Ject RPM 5.1

The Pro-Ject RPM 5.1 turntable, a model of the famous Austrian manufacturer, brings an original twist. You can't miss the unique design of this magnificent object. Its shape catches the eye, it uses up little space and will easily find a place inside your home. It comes with the famous Ortofon 2M-Red Hi-Fi cartridge, delivering a rich and vibrant sound quality. It is available in a splendid glossy anthracite grey finish. A great gift that will make its future owner very happy.

Pro-Ject RPM 5.1 turntable


For a budget above €850

If your budget is over €850, here are three wonderful turntables just waiting to delight your ears. Gifts for music lovers or for yourself!

Clearaudio Concept MM turntable

The Concept MM turntable is a model of the great German manufacturer Clearaudio. This turntable is quite impressive, with its thick platter that provides it with great inertia. The solid and very rigid MM Concept turntable will make you happy as you listen to it. It will nicely fit into your audiophile corner and once you play it, you will be taken on a unique journey. Clearaudio magic at the tip of your finger.

Clearaudio Concept MM turntable


Thorens TD 309 turntable

We were immediately struck by the unique design of this amazing Thorens turntable. It is superb, no matter what finish you opt for. It comes in either 3 glossy finishes (white, black or red), or just in red and black. It comes with an Audio Technica AT95D cartridge for a good sound quality. The TD 309 is beautiful, it catches the eye and will be a delight to your ears. What more could you ask for? We promise you that you'll love playing your favourite records on it.

Thorens TD309 turntable


Pro-Ject RPM 9.2 Evolution turntable

The RPM 9.2 Evolution turntable, flagship model of the leading Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject, has a modern design that catches the eye. This amazing product is available in glossy anthracite grey finish and its beauty matches its musicality. Pure bliss close to perfection, and it's even better if your add a Sumiko Blue Point n°2 cartridge. Wait till you play it for the first time and let the emotions just flow.

Pro-Ject RPM 9.2 Evolution turntable