Opt for reliability with a Thorens turntable

Thorens is one of the oldest equipment brands currently on the market. Launched by Hermann Thorens in Sainte-Croix in 1883, the eponymous firm soon made a name for itself. After selling music boxes for years, the Thorens turntable manufacturer developed its first cylinder phonographs in 1889. Over the years, the Thorens turntable was developed, modernised and optimised by the manufacturer that seemed to have a few tricks up its sleeve.

The core values of Thorens turntables are modernity and evolution

The company, famous worldwide, knows how to stay with the trend by offering innovative and unique products. This is the case for the iconic Thorens TD 124 turntable, launched in 1954. The manufacturer has always remained true to the corporate values in terms of product quality. Year after year, the firm, lead by a team of record lovers, retains its position as one of the leaders on the market. Browse www.maplatine.com for a large part of its catalogue with various types of equipment. Belts, cleaning kits, preamps and naturally, a wide selection of Thorens turntable models are available online. For direct access to the manufacturer's items, just click on the brand's logo.

Discover the quality of a Thorens turntable

We offer a selection of Thorens turntables for all types of application. If you're looking to buy the best Thorens turntables, feel free to check our high end models. Some turntables of the Swiss manufacturer are in fact benchmarks in the record industry. The Thorens team pays particular attention to the design, performance and accuracy of these high quality products. Other cheaper models are also available on www.maplatine.com. Each product is naturally associated with a detailed description on a data sheet available online. Browse our product pages for a quick and easy comparison of the Thorens product range. Pictures, sizes and technical specifications are clearly presented on our website. When you have made your decision, just use a secure payment platform and you will delivered shortly at the address of your choice. All along your Thorens turntable order, you can contact our team.